How to eliminate AirPods from Apple ID? Mandatory if we sell them or offer them to someone else

A tutorial simplu in which we show how we eliminate AirPods from Apple ID when we want to sell them or offer them to someone else. How to remove AirPods from Apple ID / iCloud Account.

When we buy a device Apple new, once we have logged in with Apple ID / The account of iCloud, it becomes our property. Information about the new device can be accessed from other devices that are authenticated Apple ID, as well as from This is what happens when we buy a new iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Auxiliary devices (Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod) that we do not authenticate directly, these automatically associates with the account Apple ID al the device they first connected to.

When buy a pair of AirPods Pro and we take them out of the charging case for the first time on the screen iPhone nearby we are asked if we allow connection to the new castes. Once time connection allowed AirPods, these are associated si will remain associated account Apple located on the iPhone. They will be automatically added in Find My Network. In the scenario where besides iPhone we have another MacBook, iMac and an iPad with the same Apple ID, earphones AirPods Pro previously connected to iPhone they will automatically connect with these devices as well.

AirPods can be used by other people, even if they are not associated with the account Apple ID al iPhone to which it connects. But there are some aspects. The one who authenticated them for the first time and is considered their owner, will be able to to see their location through the application Find My, to send audible alerts (Play Sound) or to block them using the function "Mark as Lost".
So, if buy headphones AirPods second-hand make sure they have been removed from your account Apple of the one who sells them.

How to eliminate AirPods from Apple ID? The account Apple to which they are associated

1. The headset owner will open the application Find My from your iPhone, iPad or Mac and will select the headphones AirPods which you want to remove from your account Apple.

2. In the control panel AirPods which opens, in the lower part gasim the option to remove AirPods from Apple ID. Swipe up until "Remove This Device".

remove AirPods Form Apple ID
remove AirPods Form Apple ID

3. After pressing “Remove This Device"We are warned that AirPods will be removed from all devices associated with our account Apple ID and they can be associated with other people in the service Find My Network.

How to eliminate AirPods from Apple ID
How to eliminate AirPods from Apple ID

Remove From Apple ID
These AirPods are linked to your Apple ID. Removing them will allow another person to configure Find My Network

4. Click “Remove", we enter the account password of iCloud.

After this step, headphones AirPods have been removed from the account iCloud / Apple ID and may be sold or offered to another person.

In the scenario where you no longer have an iPhone, iPad or Mac or another device to be authenticated Apple ID to eliminate AirPods, access and go to Find iPhone. The removal is done in the same way as from the application on the iPhone.

The tutorial is for all AirPod models, from the first generation to AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, AirPods 3.

How to eliminate AirPods from Apple ID? Mandatory if we sell them or offer them to someone else

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