How can we record phone calls on Android - Call Recording

There are many moments when I need to we are recording a phone conversation. The reasons for recording a call are varied. Whether we need a recording of the discussion to make further proof, or we want to keep the conversation a reminder.
Mobile operators record the conversations for "improving service quality”Or to prove your identity when you conclude a distance contract. In many countries, making a phone call is strictly prohibited without the prior consent / consent of the interlocutor. Making a parenthesis from the subject of the article, it's a bit odd how in some countries, the mobile operator can use it recordings of conversations in their own interests, and the interlocutor is restricted from accessing them in the event of a dispute. More precisely, when you call Orange, Vodafone, Telekom, etc. network and you agree to the recording of the conversation, during that conversation. you will never have access. Paradoxical.

So before you make a call, make sure your country is legal do this or ask for the prior agreement of the interlocutor. "I would like to remind you that this call may be registered / registered".

How we can record a call on Android (Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Pixel, etc device)

In the old days, mobile phones had this feature built into the operating system. Along with international regulations prohibiting phone call registration in many countries, mobile phone manufacturers and smartphones have been forced to give up this option.
Phone calls can be recorded yet with the help of a Applications for Android, specially designed to do so.

ACR (Another Call Recorder)

Call Recorder - ACR (Another Call Recorder) is one of the applications that will help you record a call. First you need to download the application from Google Play, accept its terms and conditions and then configure it. It has a fairly intuitive interface and is easy to configure for any user level. Even if it offers a lot of options, it is not necessary to be an expert in Android and applications to be able to use it.

ACR (Another Call Recorder) saves recordings in audio formats: ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav, so you can choose the type of file that benefits you the most. In addition, it has filtering options so that you can automatically start recording calls to phone numbers that you set as your default.

ACR Call Recoder Options:

- Search
- Group records by date
- Auto-email (Pro)
- Auto-delete older records
- Mark records as important so that they can no longer be deleted
- Multiple selection, delete, send
- Display the contact name and photo
- Exclusion of certain numbers
- Auto or Manual (Pro) call recording
- Password protection of records
- Multiple recording formats
- Ability to start recording
- Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or only by the selected contacts
- Dropbox integration (Pro)
- Google Drive integration (Pro)
- WebDAV integration (Pro)

ACR (Another Call Recorder) comes in two versions. The free version and the Pro version offer you some extra options.

All you have to do to do it download and install it, is to access Google Play on your smartphone and search for the application name.

Application Registration Phone Calls
  • ACR (Another Call Recorder)

ACR (Another Call Recorder)

Call Recorder - ACR (Another Call Recorder) is one of the applications that will help you record a conversation. The application allows manual or automatic recording of conversations. Possibility of storing calls on devices and services cloud. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc…

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How can we record phone calls on Android - Call Recording

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