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AERIAL Video Screen Saver (Drone 4K Videos) / macOS & Windows PC

Un screen saver video at 4K resolution, which was created after the famous Aerial Screen Saver, present on Apple TV since 2015. a screen saver video with images captured from drone, above large cities or geographical regions of  China, Dubai, greenland, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Liwa, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco si New York.
High-performance video frames, absolutely spectacular, surprised at night and day.


1. Download the archive from this link: Aerial Screen Saver

2. Unzip and run the file: Aerial.saver - if the system does not allow you to install it, on the grounds that its developer cannot be identified, go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General and allow it to run under “Allow apps downloaded from…” →  Open Anyway.

Another option would be to copy the file to ~ / Library / Screen Savers.

3. Follow the installation process and select the screen saver to install for all users. "Install for all users of this computer".

4. Once the installation process is complete, go to “System Preferences” → “Desktop & Screen Saver” → “Screen Saver” → in the left bar select “Aerial”.

In Aerial Screen Saver (Screen Saver Options) we have the possibility to remove certain videos, which we do not want to be displayed when macOS enters the "screen saver" mode. Set a time of 1 minute for it to start as soon as possible. You also have the option to leave the active clock over this screen saver.

Since screensavers are automatically extracted from Apple's servers,  * si *, make sure you do not have a firewall blocking access to these two servers.
You also have the opportunity download video files (.mov) in a cache folder, set by default in “username” → “Library” → “Caches” → “Aerial”, You can find these settings in the screen saver options. “Screen Saver Options”.

After pressing "Download Now", All the movies that make up the screen saver will be downloaded to the default folder or to one of your choice. Running the screen saver will no longer depend on an internet connection.
Beware, however, because if you have a MacBook Pro / iMac with high resolution, they come to occupy a disk space up close 12 GB.

users Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 I can download and install Aerial Screen Saver from the official link on GitHub.

AERIAL Video Screen Saver (Drone 4K Videos) / macOS & Windows PC

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