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AirPods 2 - Black version with new finishes of the recharging case

Lately, more and more people have started to appear about the imminent launch of a design update for smart wireless headphones from Apple.
With the launch of AirPower (the long - awaited wireless charger from Apple) scheduled for this spring, it is rumored that the new ones will be launched AirPods 2.
In a Economic Daily News, it looks like Inventec (company that makes laptop cases, phones, gadgets, etc.), has already started production on the new cases AirPods, which will be available for sale this spring. new AirPods will be available in black - a long-awaited version - and the refill case will be made of a larger range of materials. Some even with matte finishes.
It is unclear whether the new AirPods which will be launched this spring, will give way to a new generation, characterized by new features such as: "Hey Siri" and wireless charging, or it will be just about introducing the black version with other finishes and materials for the case.

We are looking forward to the 25 event 2019 March XNUMX from Steve Jobs Theater, in which Apple will launch new devices. Improved models of iPad Mini, AirPower, AirPods (Black?) And maybe a major update for Apple TV.

AirPods 2 - Black version with new finishes of the recharging case

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