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Apple has launched the new design of the navigation application, Apple Maps

When we refer to maps, we can not even bring Google into the discussion, which in our opinion and many, now offers the most complex maps through Google Maps. Great coverage, updated mapping quite ok, markings with places of interest and even public transport lines in big cities.

Apple has for many years its own application / similar service, but unfortunately with much lower coverage and a mapping that offers little detail.
But good news comes. During this day, Apple launched Apple Maps in a completely redesigned form, which offers a much better experience to users in the United States.
In essence, the new design of Apple Maps was launched last month, but only today Apple made the official announcement and said that finally the new interface is 100% complete.

Users in Europe will have to wait until this major upgrade, but Apple promises to be the next priority in the development of Apple Maps.

In addition to the added details and the new design, some new features such as "Look Around" are brought to Apple Maps. A function that allows 3D visualization at the street level with high resolution and quality images. Currently only available for New York City, San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Huston and Oahu.

Apple also maintains its standards regarding user privacy and promises that no authentication is required for using Apple Maps. Also, the application will not interact with Apple ID in any way and will not retain a history of the places where the user was.

Apple has launched the new design of the navigation application, Apple Maps

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