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Apple AirTag - What it is, how it works, specifications and prices

One year after the first rumors, AirTag is finally on the market. A new gadget from there Apple that it is already making waves, first of all for its utility as well as for its affordable price. I think it 's the cheapest device Apple, but also one that reaches a key market and will be difficult to copy. I will also explain why if another manufacturer released something similar it would not have the same success.

What is a Apple AirTag? 

A small round, coin-shaped device that attached to the keys or put in your wallet will can help locate accurately on iPhone, iPad, Mac or from the account iCloud, the object to which it was attached. A diameter of 31.9 millimeters, 8.0 mm thick and a weight of 11 grams, are made of AirTag a gadget easy to put in your wallet, in your bag, to attach to keys, as a child, cat or dog.

So you have to have at least one iPhone, and things you don't intend to miss, the location gadget AirTag it is definitely helpful. Especially since the price in stores is around 34 EUR, and the design is impeccable. Minimalist and premium, which can be completed with a keychain holder for a key or backpack.

Apple also launched a package of 4 AirTag for $ 99. The price in stores for the end customer is about 117 EUR, if you can't order it directly from or buy it from a Apple Shop (shop Apple, not partners).
To order online on you can also customize Airtag with emoji or your desired name. The engraving is free.

Let's see how it works AirTag and in which scenarios it is useful to us.

AirTag (tracker) - Operating mode

As I said above, you need to have a iPhone to mate with AirTag.

After "pair" / "Connect" you can give a name for AirTag. In case you will use more AirTag, it's good to know where it is.
Once connected, AirTag will be added to your list of devices in the application "Find My“. From there you can locate it at any time, whether you run the application from iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac.
iPhone si AirTag however, they have a more special "chemistry." With iPhone 11, Apple introduced the U1 chip. This face present in iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and AirTag will also allow ultra-wideband (UWB) localization. Here I have to make a parenthesis in which I have to explain exactly what this U1 chip does.

U1 is a dedicated chip for precise location (Precision Finding), able to show you the distance and direction of the searched device, when you are in his vicinity. On the screen iPhone an arrow will appear to guide you in the direction AirTag.

However, to enjoy "Precision Finding”You need to have a iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 (all models).

Besides the "map" on the screen, during user location detection will get haptic signals (sensitive, by vibration) and / or sound, depending on how close or far away it is from AirTag. "Fire, fire, fire, water, water, fire."

And yet, how it can be located AirTag if it reaches an area far from iPhoneWell, a U1 chip device has the ability to connect to search network Apple (Find My network) through devices iPhone which appear in its vicinity. The ultra-wideband connection will be completely encrypted, anonymous and "invisible". In this way AirTag can be located anywhere through the application Find My or online from the account iCloud.

Let's take the scenario in which a wallet is stolen in which you have a AirTag and the person who took it immediately goes to another city. Automatic AirTag came out of the "coverage area" of iPhonebut it's enough that AirTag to pass a few meters from a device iPhone. At that time, it will use the nearby device and send the location to the owner. There have already been exercises in which it has been shown that to be located it is enough to be in the pocket of someone walking on the sidewalk, and to pass on the street a car in which to be a iPhone.
In conclusion, AirTag it can be located almost anywhere. Number of owners of iPhone it is considerable, and this will certainly help in locating it AirTag.

After which Apple they withdrew the first Magic Mouse model, I think AirTag it remained the only device in the ecosystem where the user can change the battery alone. AirTag works with a battery CR2032 which ensures an autonomy of up to 1 year in conditions of average use. That is, no more than 2-3 pings location per day.

If you are the owner of a AirTag you can share the experience with this device in the comments.

Apple AirTag - What it is, how it works, specifications and prices

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