Apple Music surpassed Spotify in the number of paying users in the USA

In a recent report by the wall street Journal, it looks like Apple Music exceeded Spotify to the number of subscribers in the United States.
This position is not confirmed by Apple nor by Spotify, both of which do not make public reports on the number of paying users by region / state. If so, it would be the first time Apple reaches the top of the pyramid on this market.
It is known that Apple not provide Free music, more than a radio station (Beats1) available through the application Apple Music. This after the expiration of the trial period, of three months. The time of users have unlimited access to all content from Apple Music.
On the other hand, Spotify offers access to the service free of charge for 30 days, after which users will receive ads if they do not choose one of the subscriptions.
On the content side, Apple it has the largest online music library, to which it also contributes a lot of video content. Over 50 of millions of songs are available in Apple Music, While Spotify offers around 40 million.

From the words of the the wall street Journal, Apple would have over 28 million subscribers Apple Music in the US, while Spotify has around 26 million. It remains to be seen how things will be in the future under the conditions Apple it is increasingly turning its attention to entertainment services.
Starting this year's autumn, Apple will launch "Apple TV+“, The platform of online movies what will compete with Netflix si HBO.

Apple Music surpassed Spotify in the number of paying users in the USA

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