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Apple prepares new iPhone 5G - Release date

Date of launch of the new iPhone 5G begins to get more and more out of shape afterwards Intel gave up the place Qualcomm to produce the future chip 5G for iPhone.
After litigation and patent processing, Qualcomm and Apple have left behind the disputes and signed several agreements, some of them referring clearly to the near-term production of 5G modems for future iPhone models. It is known that Apple had announced that they can not launch an 5G-compatible iPhone model earlier than 2021, as it will continue to produce them by Intel.

So Qualcomm will produce the next generation of 5G modems for Apple, and Intel will be out of this 5G chip race. This will allow Apple to launch the next-generation iPhone 5G at least a year earlier than initially estimated.
A clear date is not accurate, but experts analyzing Apple's development programs say they will not be able to launch an 5G iPhone on the market earlier than 2020 or 2021.
Given this giant step of moving from the 4G 5G connectivity generation to 5G, it's very likely that the first 2020G iPhone will not be launched in a fall, as Apple has been accustomed to in the past few years but in the first half 2021 or XNUMX.

The new generation of iPhone to be launched in 2019 is already in a fairly advanced state of development and it is unlikely that the devices will come with 5G chips. However, it is not excluded! We can almost certainly know that Qualcomm's goal of producing and supplying 5G chips for Apple is the 2020 year.

For the iPhone generation that will be released in 2019's autumn we know for sure that they will come all with the screen OLED. iPhone XR being the latest iPhone model with LCD.

Regarding the exact date of launch of the next generation of iPhone 5G, we will come back with updates to this article as Apple or other sources close to the company will reveal this information.

Apple prepares new iPhone 5G - Release date

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