Apple Watch Series 3 - Design, Connectivity, Applications, Models, Prices

Apple launched the new generation of smart watches, Apple Watch Series 3. As an absolute novelty for the company, the new generation of Apple Watch comes with a variant that supports it LTE connection.
Using wireless headphones AirPods, we can easily initialize and answer calls without the need for us iPhonewith us. Of course, this is a function for the LTE version of Apple Watch Series 3.

In the last period, Apple The watch gained more and more popularity and became a watch much appreciated by those who bought it or took possession of it. With 97% satisfied customers, in a growth with 50% over the same period last year Apple Watch has dethroned ROLEX. This progressive escalation also comes from the desire of people to have a small, elegant device, but able to perform more functions, than to show only the time and date. And Apple he understood this very well and acted accordingly.

That's what's new Apple Watch Series 3 offers new applications optimized for users and new connectivity options.

At the side of connectivity, Apple The Watch Series 3 will come in two variants. Alternative WiFi / GPS and variant LTE, which will be using an electronic SIM on which you can keep the phone number on iPhone.

About finishes there is no point in talking anymore. Apple keeps the line of elegance of previous models, with carefully finished aluminum, and for the LTE model, antenna it is "hidden" on the perimeter of the screen. On the back we will not find a flat "mirror" as in the previous model, but a series of sensors intelligently used by applications.
In Apple Store, those who want to buy a Apple Watch Series 3 can choose their type and belt model for it. From sports straps to stylish business / office.

As a "bonus" Apple Watch Series 3 is waterproof and Scratch (grace sapphire screen) by holding it Existing pressure at depth up to 50 m.

Prices Apple Watch Series 3

Depending on model, finishing and connectivity, the price for a Apple Watch Series 3 varies between $ 399 for the variant GPS + Cellular$ 329 only with GPS and it reaches up to $ 1149 for Apple Watch Hermes cu leather bracelet. The peak of the range is Apple Watch Edition with a the ceramic casing and the sports bracelet. The price for this model starts from $ 1299.

Remember that to be able to use Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) you need a iPhone 6S or newer model with iOS 11, and for the non-LTE version, Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) is needed iPhone 5S or newer with iOS 11.

Applications, connectivity and functions Apple Watch Series 3

Thanks to the sensors on the back of the watch, Apple Watch Series 3 will be able to monitor continuously the pulse of the heart and to send alerts if they appear atrial fibrillation. The disease suffered by millions of people around the world and can lead to cardiac arrest.

Supported by the operating system Watch 4, it comes with new applications WorkoutsGymKit and others dedicated to outdoor activities. And during outdoor activities, owners of Apple Watch can be turned on Apple Music right from the smart clock and can listen to 40 million songs, totally independent of iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 3 - Connectivity

Connectivity is supported by the latest technologies: LTE and UMTSWi-Fi (802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2.
In addition to cellular support, Apple Watch 3 also comes with a considerable upgrade in terms of resources. The new W2 processor Apple is with 50% more efficient for Bluetooth and WiFi, and charging will also be done wirelessly. Therefore, Apple switch from this year to devices with support for wireless charging. Moreover, it launches first wireless charger. AirPower.

Where can we buy Apple Watch Series 3 and cand

The new smart watch Apple Watch Series 3 will be available at Preorder starting with 15 September 201722 September 2017 will be put on sale.

In the first vase, priority will be given to major online stores and mobile operators. Most likely in Romania it will be available only in December and only in the GPS version.

Apple Watch Series 3 - Design, Connectivity, Applications, Models, Prices

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