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How to Find a Serial Number of a Mac / MacBook, even if it was stolen

"Serial Number”(Serial number) is a unique number, which distinguishes Macyour of all the others. It's a kind of car chassis series.
We need to provide it when we go with it Mac / MacBook in warranty service or report it to Apple in the situation where MacCPC is stolen.

The easiest way we can find out Serial Number is from the system interface OS X / macOS. So on macOS High Sieera as well as on older systems, it is available in the "menu bar" (top bar). Click on the apple (logo Apple) and "About This Mac".

In case of Machas problems and does not open, another option is to take serial number on the original box, where we bought it or it was delivered to us, on the bill or on the back Macacquis. On MacBook, Serial Number appears written on the back cover.

If you do not have access to either Mac and you don't even have the original box or other documents, you can find Serial Number on the site Apple, in your account iCloud. The condition is to have used Macassociated with an account iCloud. 99% chance of doing this.

Access https: //, then at "Devices" you will find all the devices to which your account has been connected iCloud. In detail, their series also appears. Select "Mac", Then in details you will see Serial Number.

This latter method is very useful in the situation where one MacBook was stolen. Also from the site Applein we can find out the location where our device is located. We have the option to block it, locate it, delete the data on it or start a sound alert.

We'll detail more in a future article about what to do if a iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or other device Apple.

How to Find a Serial Number of a Mac / MacBook, even if it was stolen

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