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How to reduce data consumption (Mobile Data) on iOS 11 - iPhone, iPad si iPod touch

iOS 11 will come in the final version with a lot of news. There will be so many interface (UI) changes to some “made by Apple". as well as new functions and options.

One of the most useful options that will be present on iOS 11, will help the owners of iPhone, iPad si iPod touch to consume as little as possible mobile data - mobile internet traffic. As it is known, most of the mobile phone, offers limited volume subscriptions Data 3G / 4G, and consumption over subscription limit leads to additional charges or significant reduction of a download speed / upload.

Where or how to consume 3G / 4G data traffic - mobile internet

Internet traffic is consumed the most when downloading applications, games, when we update them or when we access them content media (photo, video) on Facebook, YouTubeEtc. ...
You should know, however, that mobile internet traffic can be consumed by an application in the background. That is, without the application being actually opened on iPhone or on another mobile device Apple.
This function (Background App Refresh) is used by apps to embed content, so when you open the app, it will provide updated content. You can find it on both iOS 10 and iOS 11 in Settings →  General →  Background App Refresh.

Sub Background App Refresh we find the list of applications that use this feature and enable / disable option.

All of these applications in the list Background App Refresh can consume from mobile data in the background. It's true that a smaller amount of data is consumed than you open the application, but summed up a large number of MB consumed in the subscription.

On iOS 11, Apple introduced a feature that allows users to refresh background applications only when the device is connected via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi & Mobile Data

Sure activation Background App Refresh Wi-Fi only is the best choice for saving mobile data traffic.

How to reduce data consumption (Mobile Data) on iOS 11 - iPhone, iPad si iPod touch

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