How can we find out if MacBook / Mac / iMac / iPhone it is still in the warranty period

Service schedule Apple, AppleCare is not available in all countries, but according to local legacy, each device benefits from one warranty period comprised between 12 and 24 on Monday, depending on the buyer's status. Individual or legal person.

It is not a pleasure for anyone to come up with one MacBook in service, but if a major problem occurs, it is good that it is in the warranty period, because repairs or even completely replacing the device does not seem to pay the buyer.
Even though we are the first customer of one Mac (we buy it again) or we buy it from someone who has used it before, we can find out very simply if it is still in the warranty period or not.
The verification process is done online based on the Serial Number. Every product Apple, whether we talk about Mac, MacBook, AppleTV, iPod, iPhone or any other device, has a unique serial number. This "Serial Number”Is present on the fiscal invoice, on the original packaging (box) and in Apple → About This Mac. In the "How to Find a Serial Number of a Mac / MacBook”You will find explained all the ways in which you can find out this serial number.

To find out if Macour (also valid for iPhone, iPad and other devices Apple) is still in the warranty period and what type of warranty we have, we go to: https: // and enter the serial number in the dedicated field.

After entering the series and the "human" verification code, click on the "Continue" button to receive information about the warranty of your device.

If you are in a country / region with coverage AppleIf you have an eligible device for this service extra option, you can access a service insurance tariff plan, in addition to the standard one, insured when buying the product.

How can we find out if MacBook / Mac / iMac / iPhone it is still in the warranty period

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