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How can we disable / enable or customize suggestions, searches and “Hey Siri" on iPhone si iPad

Siri is intelligent personal assistant which Apple has been heightened in recent years. It's an assistant capable of us answer all questions, does not offer suggestions or to perform certain operations to a simple one voice control.

In terms of suggestions Siri (Siri Suggestions), they are not always useful and most of the time we feel invaded by them. Both in "search" and in applications.
These suggestions Siri can be disabled, customized for certain applications or completely disabled the wizard Siri.

How to customize suggestions Siri, customize or completely deactivate the smart voice assistant of Apple

By default, Siri can be "questioned" by voice commandHey Siri" or pressing and holding the button "Home"Or"Sleep", Depending on the model of iPhone.
If you do not need this tool Apple, deactivation and / or customization can be done very easily from the menu "Settings".

1. go to Settings →  Siri & Search. In this menu you have all the options available for the settings Siri. From here you can enable or disable certain elements of the smart voice assistant or you can customize it Siri in applications.

2. To disable suggestions in search, look up si lock screen, go to the menu until "Siri Suggestions ”and disable:Suggestions in Search","Suggestions in Look Up"And"Suggestions in Lock Screen".

You can also deactivate from this menu Siri the voice command “Hey Siri"Or when you hold down the"Home”Or the side locking one, in the case of models iPhone X si iPhone XS or newer.

Personalization Siri for applications installed on iPhone or iPad

Scrolling down the menu in "Siri & Search"We find a list of all applications installed on iPhone. Going further into each application, we have customization options Siri for that application.

From here we can leave Siri to learn about how we use the application to give us suggestions in the future, we can enable or disable suggestions and search results for the application or we can remove it from the lock screen.

How can we disable / enable or customize suggestions, searches and “Hey Siri" on iPhone si iPad

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