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How to delete / uninstall Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro Trial

Final Cut Pro X, is definitely the best choice in terms of advanced video processing software pe macBONE.
Developed and constantly updated by Apple, Final Cut Pro X is used so much amateur users as well as professionals in cinematographic industry.

If you have tested Final Cut Pro X or the Final Cut Pro Trial version and want to uninstall, you can do so in a few simple steps.

Uninstall Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro Trial

1. We go to the folder “Applications”And drag & drop in“Trash"Application"Final Cut Pro X"Or"Final Cut Pro Trial".

2. We open “Library"From"Finder". To do this, go to the "Finder" menu, hold down the "Option" key and open the "Library" folder.

3. In "Library"We enter the folder"Application Support"Where do we move to"Trash"Folder:"Final Cut Pro X".

4. We return to the folder "Application Support"And we open the folder from here"cache”Where we move the folder to“ Trash ”:“". For the Trial version we have the folder:

5. We return to the "Library" folder, from where we enter the "Preferences" folder, and here we delete the files:

*we do the same for the "Trial" version.

After following all these steps, Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro X Trial, it has been completely uninstalled from macBONE.

How to delete / uninstall Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro Trial

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