Official iPhone 12 release date - Four new iPhone models

If the wait is not over, at least now we have a sure date when the new iPhone 12 models will be shown to the public for the first time.

In the event "Hi, Speed", Scheduled for 13 Oct 2020, Apple will launch new iPhone 12 models.
We already know that almost certainly this year we will have not two, not three, but four iPhone models.

- iPhone 12 mini - with 5.4 inch display
- iPhone 12 - 6.1 inch
- iPhone 12 Pro - 6.1 inch
- iPhone 12 Pro Max - 6.7 inch

Besides the size, the main difference between the four iPhone 12 models will be the camera.

As rumored and the name of the event suggests, "Hi, Speed" will bring the first iPhone 5G. Unfortunately, it will most likely only be available in certain markets around the world. 5G technology is still in its infancy, and Apple announced last year that the launch of an iPhone 5G model is not a priority for the company.
"Hi, Speed" can't help but make us think of the new generation of processor A14 (Chip). Much more powerful, faster and with capabilities that will support the new features of the iPhone 12. The A14 processor will be the basis for all iPhone 12 models.
In the presentation clip of the event, Apple pushes AR technology (augmented reality) to the maximum, which suggests that we will have pleasant surprises in this direction.

In addition to the iPhone 12, at the October 13 event, Apple will probably present a new model of HomePod. Slightly smaller in size than the first model, but we hope it will perform at least as well.

The event of launch of the iPhone 12 will take place exclusively online and can be watched directly on or on the company's YouTube channel.

It is the second launch event that Apple will hold in less than a month. At the September 15, 2020 event, we were introduced to the new Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE and iPad Air models.

We can expect that with the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple will launch other interesting devices. Maybe a wireless charger, which Apple announced a few years ago or a new generation of AirPods.

It would not be excluded that a few days after this event, Apple will make another one for the launch of a new line of MacBook Pro and macOS Big Sur.

Official iPhone 12 release date - Four new iPhone models

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