Eject HDD Error: The disk was not ejected because one or more programs may be used it [MacOS Tips]

After connecting a device external data storage on Mac, External HDD, USB stick, SDcard or other type, many users do not know that before physically disconnecting it, it must first be removed from the system.

"Eject"Or"Unmount"Are options that are valid on both Poppy and the Windowsand the correct disconnection of an external data storage device, is done with one of these two options.

Why is it important to give "Eject" to an external data medium before physically disconnecting it from Mac or Windows PC?

Most of the time, when we connect an external HDD to the PC or Mac, we do it for data transfer or for accessing access the files stored on the external drive. When we open pictures, documents, applications or other files from the external device, several processes of the operating system and of the applications in which the files are opened start automatically on the operating system. Even if they are in the background and we do not see the processes, they appear as soon as the device is connected. On Windows for example, the first software that interacts with the device is the driver, then the antivirus. About the same thing happens on the Mac.
These processes perform read and write operations on the external device, and again sudden physical disconnection his may affect stored data or even worse, it does inaccessible at the next connection.

The correct disconnection with "Eject" before the physical disconnection will close these processes and the stored data will be safe.

But there are also cases where "Eject" can not be done disconnecting the external device. Sign that there are processes of some applications that still interact with the device.

"The "LaCie" disk wasn't ejected because one or more programs may be using it. You can try to eject the disk again or click Force Eject to eject it immediately.

In this scenario, we do not recommend using "Force Eject". Forced ejecting the disk can create problems on the disk itself or data stored on it. "Force Eject" is going immediately close the processes interacting with it, without them completing their operations launched on the external device. Recommended is to try again (try Again) or give up (Cancel) and read the tutorial below.

(Ignore the fact that in the first screen shot we had a HDD "LaCie" and in the next "Toshiba" 😊)

How to properly disconnect an external HDD, USB Stick or other external data media, if "Eject" cannot do so?

In the scenario where the "Eject" option cannot disconnect the external data support, it is best to shut down all the applications running on the system and disconnect from the user (Log Out User ...). Do this from the Apple menu, at the "Log Out Username ...". After the de-authentication is done, you will re-authenticate and repeat the eject operation.

If this message also appears in the image above, shut down the entire Mac (Shut down) then physically disconnect the external drive.

This way you will protect both the integrity of the external unit and the stored data.

Eject HDD Error: The disk was not ejected because one or more programs may be used it [MacOS Tips]

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