Holiday - The Surprise / Apple's Holiday Advertisement

As usual every year, around the winter holidays, Apple launches a thrilling advertisement.

This year, "Holiday - The Surprise", It surprises in about 3 minutes, the story of a family of four, what travels to see his grandfather at Christmas.
Typical for any family with children, long distance travel by car and by plane is quite demanding for parents. Especially when you have two curious, playful and energetic little girls. In this Apple commercial, every time parents find the right solution to keep their time busy. They distract the attention of the two girls with an iPad Pro, throughout the journey, in the car and in the plane.
Arriving at the grandparents' house, I find my grandfather happy to see the children and grandchildren again, but also with heartache after the recent loss of his wife. The two little girls also continue their activities here, such as dressing and "decorating" with jewelry the grandfather's dog. And this time, parents give them their iPad to keep their time busy.
The two girls worked on the iPad and created one photo and video clip with beautiful moments in the life of the whole family. The highlight of this commercial is when Grandma appeared in the clip, along with all the family members. "But we are all still togheter."

A successful advertisement, full of sensation and excitement, for the winter holidays, even though it can sometimes be misunderstood and boring.

At the first viewing of the video, I had the feeling that Apple was doing a lot wrong, going by the idea that unfortunately many parents apply today. The ones to make a gadget available to children to keep their time busy and get rid of them. It is true that some children can develop their imagination with a computer or an iPad, but I do not think it is a good idea for parents to use these "tools".

The clip "Holiday - The Surprise", You can watch it here, on Youtube.

Holiday - The Surprise / Apple's Holiday Advertisement

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