HomePod, smart box a Apple it will no longer be available

HomePod is the first the intelligent box launched Apple, being presented for the first time at Worldwide Developer Conference in 2017.
Apple wanted to create a the intelligent box based on voice commands (via Crab), with clear and loud sound a minimalist design. And he succeeded.

About capability HomePod si smart speaker features I spoke in an older article that find here.

As a summary, HomePod it is an intelligent speaker, dependent on the ecosystem Apple, even if once installed it will be able to run through voice commands, without the need for another device Apple. However, at least one is required iPhone if a subscription Apple Music for someone to use. HomePod it also works with applications that support AirPlay / AirPlay 2, but voice commands such as: “Hey Siri, play my favorite playlist"Or"Hey Siri, open lights"Are not possible unless it is integrated into the ecosystem.
In a house with several users Apple, HomePod will get to recognize by the voice timbre each user who gives orders or asks something. So it will not be a problem to add a reminder by voice command. There will be no risk of that note being put on the list of another user in the house.

In my opinion, HomePod it is an extraordinary device. I listen to music every day on HomePod (subscriber Apple Music) ai I can easily control the lights in the house. Both the main ones and the ambient lights (synchronization with Philips Hue Bridge si Home).

Although Apple brought on HomePod o innovative sound technology and managed performances hard to match by another speaker of its size, the "peppered" price made this smart speaker sell in a number below expectations Apple. Thus, four years after the product was launched on the market, Apple announced that it would no longer produce HomePod. The product has disappeared from the official store Apple, being available at this moment only in the existing stocks at retailers.

HomePod It was a real experience for Apple. Few know that development HomePod lasted no less than five years. Time in which Apple has built a real development center dedicated to the new audio technology present on Cupertino headquarters HomePod. Anechoic chambers (chambers capable of absorbing sound or electromagnetic waves) of impressive size have been designed to test new types of tweeters and woofers in controlled environments. HomePod it has no less than seven directional tweeters and a woofer.

The major problem with this speaker was the price. Initially launched at $ 349, it placed HomePod detached at the top of the price of the range of which it is part. A discount of up to $ 299 also amortized this difference between HomePod and other similar speakers, but still an expensive product.
launching HomePod mini at the end of 2020, a smaller intelligent speaker, a more modest sound than the first model HomePod but with amazing power and performance for its size, he determined Apple to give up the production of HomePod and focus more on promoting and developing the new model. HomePod mini being able to perform all functions HomePod, being also at a much more affordable price. $ 99 is the price Apple for this smart speaker.

Those who already have a HomePod in their homes or those who want to buy one of the existing stocks, they have no cause for concern. Apple updates, support and assistance will continue Apple Which for HomePod even if from now on it will focus on HomePod mini.

Most likely in the future Apple will allow devices HomePod wider connectivity with other services and applications outside the ecosystem. Perhaps these restrictions also led to lower-than-expected sales. A very expensive device that keeps users dependent on Siri and Apple Music, given that, in the opinion of many users, Siri is not the best performing voice assistant, being surpassed by Alexa (Amazon) or Google Home, and Apple Music is struggling to outperform the Spotify platform in terms of performance and number of users.

HomePod, smart box a Apple it will no longer be available

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