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iOS 11.2 Beta - What's new and what's missing on the new iOS

Shortly before launching the version iOS 11.1 for all users iPhone, iPad si iPod touch, Apple published iOS 11.2. The next major version of iOS 11, a system that was launched less than two months ago.

Daca iOS 11.1 has brought us some news we talked about previous article, currently we do not see any significant changes in iOS 11.2. It seems to be just a "beta" starting point for the next major release.

Changes and news in iOS 11.2 Beta 1

We have been looking forward to the launch of iOS 11, like Apple to add the function of store messages in iCloud (iCloud Messages). As it stands out, this feature will not be added to iOS 11.2 even though it has been much speculated lately.
Currently, if we completely reset one iPhone or iPad and install it from scratch (without using a restore), all messages received in the Messages application are lost forever. Possibility to store SMS and iMessages messages in iCloud would feature very welcome for all owners of iPhone or iPad.

In 11.2 iOS Beta 1 is disabled animation which prevents quick typing in the application Computer, the application icon is changed Camera Messages and redesigned emoji.
The most notable change on this beta is the possibility of preview effects Live Photo in application Photos.

Settings for TV application notifications and wallpaper presence iPhone si iPhone X on older devices, there are two other news that appear in iOS 11.2 Beta 1.

This version can be installed on all iPhone si iPad compatible with iOS 11. The condition is that the devices be enrolled in Apple Beta Software Program.

iOS 11.2 Beta - What's new and what's missing on the new iOS

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