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iOS 11.3 - Major Update for iPhone, iPad si iPod touch

No day after the release of iOS 11.2.5, Apple announces the release of the beta version for the future iOS 11.3.
As we all anticipate, Apple comes again with important changes and news in an X.3 version of iOS. We are used to these important changes since iOS 8.3 and especially iOS 9.3. Version that brought significant changes to the operating system.

iOS 11.3 for iPhone, iPad si iPod touch

It is not yet known exactly, however Apple promises that this spring launches iOS 11.3. A version that will bring you many visible improvements for users.
We augmented reality experiences (AR) on your devices iPhone si iPad compatible with iOS 11, a new set Animoji for iPhone X and improvements of Health medical application.

New Experiences of Augmented Reality

introduction Arkite on iOS 11 brought the augmented reality (augmented reality) in the hands of users of iPhone si iPad and led developers to develop interactive applications and dedicated games, making iOS the largest AR platform in the world.

With the release of iOS 11.3, ARKit 1.5 will be introduced for more realistic and immersive experiences. ARKit 1.5 will allow developers to create applications capable of interacting more with the world around them and transforming works of art, surfaces and even posters, into interactive AR experiences.
Besides, besides placement of objects and elements on horizontal surfaces (tables, chairs), the new ARKit will allow placement of objects and on vertical surfaces, such as doors and walls. At the same time, the new mapping and surface analysis technology will allow the transformation of 2D drawings (posters, artwork, landscapes) into virtual spaces 3D in which interactive elements can be placed.
The real world view through the camera will have a resolution with 50% higher and the opportunity auto-focus for an even clearer perspective.

Developing the Healthcare Application

The Health application will be developed, but the new options will only benefit users in areas where clinics are connected to the application services. Users will be able to request and view medical records via the application. will be able to keep more developed reports on health status and other data of this kind. All the information will be encrypted, and reading them only after a security code has been entered.

Business Chat

Like the Health Chat application, only the clients of certain companies will be able to implement this new system Apple. Through Business Chat, users of iPhone they will be able to more easily contact service providers and companies through the Messages application.
It is more convenient to have conversations with company representatives, request services or make payments / purchases with Apple Pay. Everything in conditions of maximum confidentiality. Companies will not have access to the user's contact details, and the user can close the Business Chat conversation at any time.

Battery vs. performances

I think this is the most anticipated feature of iOS 11.3. Ability for the user to choose how to manage their battery and processor (CPU) resources on iPhone si iPad.
In iOS 11.3, Apple will enter under the menu "Settings”→“ Battery ”reports on battery status and options for optimizing both performance and energy.
Users can choose between high performance with the risk of sudden shutdown of the device or poorer performance, but with the advantage of functional stability. The update will be available to users of  iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Other improvements will be brought to Apple Music, which will extend video support and application Apple News will have a dedicated category for the videos of the day, with the most important news from the selected user channels,
Advanced Mobile Location (AML) will be a feature that will be emphasized in the future. This service will automatically send the exact location of the user when an emergency call is made. AML will be available only in countries and areas where there is support for this new service.

iOS 11.3 - Major Update for iPhone, iPad si iPod touch

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