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iOS 11.4 - Update Software for iPhone and iPad

At no 3 days after the official launch of iOS 11.3, Apple released the first version of iOS 11.4 for the public. Those with the devices enrolled in Apple Software Beta Program I can already install the first beta version a iOS 11.4.

As you can see, for iPad this update is quite consistent. Has almost 2 GB. However, few changes are visible in this first beta.
As a novelty of iOS 11.4 is the educational application developed by Apple Schoolwork and a new API for ClassKit. it was expected that Apple in this new version would put more emphasis on education and develop new tools to help students and education. It is also worth noting that the new iOS 11.4 will be especially dedicated to iPad and iPhone devices.

In future beta versions of iOS 11.4 and in the final one is expected to introduce Apple AirPlay 2, stereo support for smart speaker HomePod, better control of battery management and Messages on iCloud.
Users who want to test the new iOS 11.4 Beta 1 can follow this tutorial in which we show how you can make the update from a "stable" version to a beta version.

iOS 11.4 - Update Software for iPhone and iPad

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