iOS Security Update (iPhone & iPad) – iOS 12.1.4

Apple launched a update important of iOS for all owners of iPhone (iPhone 5s or newer), iPad (iPad Air or newer) and iPod Touch (6 gene).

Apparently, this update resolves two serious security issues that have recently appeared on iOS devices. According to the words of a Google researcher, the leader of the Google Project Zero team, the vulnerabilities were present through applications such as Twitter and were intensively exploited on the version of iOS previous. These vulnerabilities gave the application more access to the basic features of the devices.

Apple did not provide much information about these security vulnerabilities, but the good part is that they have been resolved and urges all users to do so. updateat iOS 12.1.4.

At the same time, a bug was solved FaceTime, reported two weeks ago. Through this bug, the initiator of a group call on FaceTime, causes the invited persons in the conversation to answer the call automatically. Thus, the caller's microphone opened automatically and you could listen to everything that was in the environment near the device.

iOS Security Update (iPhone & iPad) - iOS 12.1.4

Updateis available to users worldwide, via “Seetings” → “General” → “Software Update” or by iTunes.

iOS Security Update (iPhone & iPad) – iOS 12.1.4

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