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iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro Max and iPhone 11 - Sales prices and specifications

Apple failed to surprise too much with the new models iPhone 11, launched during the event on 10 sept. 2019, from the Steve Jobs Theater. Rumors have been confirmed that we will have at least one model in this series with 3 cameras on the back.

iPhone 11 - 699 USD / 6.1 inch

The cheapest model is iPhone 11, whose price starts in the US from the price of $ 699 and is an upgrade to iPhone Xr. It is also made of aluminum and glass alloy, keeping the design line of the iPhone Xr. Nothing changes in size. iPhone 11 comes with a screen Liquid LCD Retina de 6,1 inch with cutting at the top (notch), which makes room for the front camera and sensors.
The most important upgrade is those two main rooms from the back of the iPhone 11. These have been completely changed, being able to offer a higher quality and invites us to discover new photo experiences with iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 has a main camera 12MP Wide f / 1.8 optimized for better quality of the frames in low light, portraits, autofocus and Smart HDR. The second room is 12MP Ultra Wide f / 2.4, designed for action photos, large frames, groups and landscapes. This camera is capable of shooting slow-motion resolution up to 4K.

An interesting and useful function is QuickTake. This allows switching from "Photo"In"Video”By holding down the capture button in“ Photo ”mode. A swipe to the right will switch the "Video" mode without having to hold your finger on the screen.

Thanks to the processor Apple A13 Bionic, the new model will be 20% faster than the previous model and up to 40% more efficient in the 3D graphics processing part.

No front room for Selfie was not left behind. And it received an upgrade, now allowing slow-motion video capture. Slofie, as Apple called the new selfie video.

The front camera is 12MP TrueDepth with 120 fps in video capture. Enough for some excellent sniffs with sea waves, hair in the wind or cars drifting behind you.

iPhone 11 comes in six color variants: white, black, green, purple, yellow si (PRODUCT) NETWORK.

Storage capacity is 64GB, 128GB si 256GB.

iPhone 11 Pro si iPhone 11 Pro Max - $ 999 (5.8-inch) & $ 1099 (6.5-inch)

Following the pattern of the devices iMac, iPad si MacBook, Apple brings the model "Pro"And on the iPhone. It seems that this year, all device models flagship Apple will have the "Pro" termination. Sounds good.

Compared to previous models, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, almost nothing has changed in the design. Exception makes the square protruding, which fits the three rooms on the back of iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max. But we have major upgrades to the cameras, screen and processor.

The new three-camera system (triple-camera system) of iPhone 11 Pro it is absolutely spectacular. We have dedicated cameras for photo capture Ultra Wide, Wide si Telephoto. Each room has 12MP but different characteristics.

12MP Wide Camera: System of lenses with 6 elements, opening of 20 mm with the diaphragm ƒ / 1.8, optimized for Optical stabilization and focus. NOT Focus Pixel. It allows to focus in great detail on large surfaces. Deep Fusion.

12MP Telephoto Camera: Objective all with 6 elements, but with 2x optical zoom, 52mm opening with diaphragm ƒ / 2.0 and optical stabilization.

12MP Ultra Wide Camera: This is the great novelty of the iPhone 11 Pro. This camera is capable of capturing images in one 120 ° field of view, having a lens system with 5 elements, only 13mm aperture and aperture ƒ / NOTHING. An ideal room for the moments when we want to capture images with landscapes, groups or rooms, where we can not get very far from the objects we want to photograph.

The space differences captured by the three rooms can be seen in the image below, taken from

According to Apple, these cameras are capable of attracting up to 40% more light than the ones on the iPhone XS, thus making very good quality photo captures in low light. Low light. Thanks to smart software and the A13 Bionic processor, Night Mode it will automatically switch on the capture mode in low light, so you can take great pictures in low light or sunset light restaurants. The photographs will be brighter, clearer and less pixelated.

The selfie camera comes with an 12MP sensor, capable of video capture 4K the 120 fps. Slofie.

But for pictures and movies we have to have a customized display. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max come with a screen OLED, Super Retina XDR. It is capable of reaching up to 800 nits when we are in the sun, enough to see the screen when we have to perform simple operations, and until 1200 nits when we watch dynamic content and we need to see the details clearly, even if the sunlight hits us on the screen. The contrast is 2,000,000:1 if we find NO pixels / inch for a compact and clear image.
New technologies implemented on the screen promise to reduce battery power consumption by up to 15%.

Battery life increases by up to 4 hours for iPhone 11 Pro and up to 5 hours for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Both Pro models currently come in four color variants: Gold, Space Gray, Silver si Midnight Green.

Like the iPhone XS models, the new iPhone 11 Pro models have the IP68 standard, which means that if you drop them in the water you don't have to worry. Resist up to 30 minutes submerged to a depth of maximum 4 meters. However, it is not recommended to do such experiments. It's not an underwater phone. A shark with a shark could be appreciated by him before your friends.

If for Android devices we find storage space up to 1TB, Apple does not equip the flagship with more than 256GB. More accessible variants are with 64GB and 128GB.

iOS 13 will be the operating system for all three iPhone 11 models.

Full technical details of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, are available on

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available on pre-order starting with 13-09-2019, and the actual sale will be on 20-09.2019.

Prices for the new iPhone 11 models will of course be higher in Europe and other countries outside the USA.

iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro Max and iPhone 11 - Sales prices and specifications

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