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Prices iPhone 14 Pro – Colors, Design, Dimensions

IPhone 14 si iPhone 14 Pro were officially launched and most of the rumors were confirmed. Less the price part iPhone 14 Pro and some small specifications. The pleasant surprise for many, is that despite the characteristics, iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max will be put up for sale at the same price as the predecessors iPhone 12 Pro yes iPhone 13 Pro.

Prices iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max

Despite the rumors that said that the new models of iPhone Pros will be more expensive than previous years, Apple has kept the new models at the prices of recent years.

$999 for iPhone 14 Pro and a price of $1099 for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The rumors according to which the new models will be more expensive by about $100 have not been confirmed, nor that Apple launch iPhone 14 with a minimum storage capacity of 256 GB. So much for iPhone 14 Pro as well as iPhone 14 Pro Max the storage capacity starts from 128GB and up to 1TB. Prices are for the 128GB version.

Prices iPhone 14 Pro - Pro Max
Price iPhone 14 Pro – Pro Max

If until now you have been thinking about whether or not to buy one iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 13 Mini, it's time to make up your mind. Apple has given up selling / producing the Mini models. Instead they stayed iPhone SE,

Prices range iPhone
Prices range iPhone

Colors and design iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max

Besides the classics Gold, Silver, Space Black, the star is definitely Deep Purple. On an elegant steel finish, the new shade of purple a iPhone 14 Pro it is highly appreciated by both women and men.

iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple
iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple

There are no surprises in the other colors. I maintain the line of elegance given by Apple on previous generations of the Pro range.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors
iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors

Both iPhone 14 Pro and also iPhone 14 Pro Max are available in the following colors: Space Black, Silver, Gold and Deep Purple. Case with ceramic back and stainless steel edgesios, carefully finished. With this design and at such prices iPhone 14 Pro it will definitely be a model that will register record sales for Apple.

Dynamic Island pe iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max

It was discussed a lot before the official launch that the Pro and Pro Max models will no longer have the famous notch that appeared with iPhone X and such Apple plan a change. Initially, it was rumored that the notch will be replaced by an oval cutout in the shape of a pill (pill) and a round one for the sensor. A few days before the launch, the idea appeared that there will be a single oval opening (pill) in which the front camera will be placed , sensors and active indicators for camera and microphone.

Apple came with a bigger surprise. Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro
Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro

What is a Dynamic Island and what role does he have on iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max?

What in the rumors was called "pill", and on previous models of the Pro range it was called "Notch", Apple called the new pill-shaped opening: Dynamic Island. And the notch space of iPhone 14 Pro it really is like a dynamic island. And at these prices iPhone 14 Pro cu Dynamic Island it will definitely have many buyers.

Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro
Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro

In this upper space, there will be information about the running applications and useful information about the charging status iPhone, of castes AirPods, data during calls, plus many other useful information. These will be combined with the space for the front camera and sensors, giving the feeling that it is a fully active area.

Dynamic Island active
Dynamic Island active

At the same time, this is also an area with quick access to applications running in the background. It provides information about Focus (from where you can change the status), about fitness activities, altitude or from other applications.

Apple makes available to developers the exploitation of this new feature a iPhone 14 Pro cu iOS 16 to create applications that interact with Dynamic Island.

It should be mentioned that Dynamic Island, this new type of notch is only present on iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max. Models iPhone 14 si iPhone 14 Plus they have a notch similar to the one on iPhone 13 Pro yes iPhone 13Pro Max.

Dimensions and weight iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max

The display dimensions are the same as the previous models. 6.1 inch for iPhone 14 Pro and 6.7 in. iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro - Pro Max Size
iPhone 14 Pro – Pro Max Size

In terms of weight, iPhone 14 Pro it's harder 2 grams compared to iPhone 13 Pro (204 grams) and by 17 grams compared to iPhone 12 Pro (189 grams). If you make the transition from iPhone 12 Pros to iPhone 14 Pro you will feel the difference 206 grams.

And there are small differences between the sizes iPhone 14 Pro and previous models. It has a height of 147.5 mm, width of 71.5 mm and thickness of 7.85 mm.

By size compartment:

iPhone 14 Pro: 147.5 x 71.5 x 7.85 mm
iPhone 13 Pro: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm 
iPhone 12 Pro: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm

So we are talking about a iPhone significantly higher, but this has been rumored ever since information appeared iPhone 14 Pro it will have a more powerful battery than the previous models.

iPhone 14 Pro Max it is also a slightly heavier phone and with significantly larger dimensions compared to the previous models, but for those who want a iPhone with a large screen, these small differences are not a problem.

Prices iPhone 14 Pro at retailers they expect them to be the same as they appeared on the market iPhone 13 Pro yes iPhone 12 Pro. Apple imposing a maximum price and a minimum selling price on the stores.

Prices iPhone 14 Pro – Colors, Design, Dimensions

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