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iPhone 6 heats up and consumes very fast battery / iOS 10

It was not released until a few hours in the final version, as many comments have already begun on the basis of the new iOS 10. Many admire the new features and features of iOS 10, and others are disappointed with some changes in look or functionality.

The biggest problem is a overheating of the battery and the fact that it is consumes very quickly. There are more and more discussions going on: "iPhone 6 gets warm and consumes the battery very quickly"

We do not know if this problem is only on iPhone 6, but from what I've tested so far, battery high consumption and iPhone warming are real issues.

It remains to be seen if an update to iOS 10.0.1 is coming up to solve this problem.

iPhone 6 heats up and consumes very fast battery / iOS 10

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