macOS Catalina – Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

macOS 10.15 Catalina - Release date

Announced and presented by Apple at the beginning of June 2019, macOS Catalina will be the next major version of macOS what will replace macOS Mojave this autumn.
At the release date, the new operating system became available in beta for developers (subscribers), following in the month of July to be available in the version public beta for all users with devices Mac enrolled in Apple Beta Software Program.
In this tutorial I showed you how to install a beta version of macOS pe Mac / MacBook: enroll Mac devices in Apple Beta Software Program.

After the Mojave desert, the beautiful island has come St. Catalina from the USA to name the future operating system for Mac.

macOS Catalina - Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

macOS Catalina - News 

Music, TV, Podcast in exchange iTunes

The new operating system macOS 10.15 comes with important changes, some of which are in tandem with future operating systems for iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS).
Pe macOS Catalina applications such as: Music, TV, Podcast, and after 18 years, Apple withdraw iTunes. Device synchronization functionality iPhone with Mac will move in Finder.
The new applications: Music, Podcast and TV will be very similar to those on iOS and they will receive increased functionalities. Podcast will be able to find audio content by keywords, while the TV application will be able to play 4K HDR and Atmos content.

Sidecar - Expands the workspace of Mac on iPad and screen mirroring

"Sidecar” is a welcome feature for all owners of iPad devices and Mac compatible with new operating systems. The new functionality allows you to usesim iPad like display secondary for Mac and to we work interactively on the two devices-hate.

macOS Catalina - Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

Cu Apple Pencil, we can say that the iPad (which will receive a new operating system called iPadOS) can turn into a graphics tablet for Mac. Applications such as: Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Cinema 4D, CorelDRAW, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Motion, Painter, Principle si ZBrush will have support for interactive editing on iPad and Mac by Sidecar. An extremely useful feature for photo, video and 3D editing.

macOS Catalina - Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

Your favorite applications and games on the iPad will also be available on Mac

Mirroring and interactivity support between iPad and Mac it will not be available in one direction only. Applications and games on the iPad will be able to be run natively on the MacThrough a sim"drag & drop" rain. So you can run games like "Asphalt 9: Legends” on the iPad and enjoy the generous screen of Mac and physical keyboard control. Of course, the new iPadOS it also allows attachment to a controller, gamepad or joystick for games.

macOS Catalina - Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

Heh. Such as playing Fifa Mobile '19 on MacBookusing an Xbox controller? It will be possible soon.

Developers can now design iPad applications for Mac, without any effort. iPad applications for productivity, education, banking services and many others will be able to run from the iPad on Mac, without any changes from the developers.

Photos, Notes, Remiders & Safari - New Features

Applications Photos, Notes, Remiders and Safari will be redesigned and will receive new features with macOS Catalina.

Photos it will be a more immersive and dynamic application, what will it be focusso on the best catches and on organizing moments / events caught in the past. Will show only the best photos from a bookstore, without duplicates and without poor quality pictures. Everything will be perfectly ordered by events and memories. The application “Photos"She will be even smarter. Able to sort and display events such as birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, trips and more, without a manual sorting of the user.

macOS Catalina - Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

Applications Notes si Reminders will be almost completely redesigned and with new functionalities.
A search engine and display system much better devised, new checklist options, better group organization and more advanced sharing capabilities.
About the Reminder application we can say that it was rebuilt from scratch. It has a new interface and comes with new functions. It allows attaching documents, pictures, URLs, allows tagging contacts and uses intelligent search and Siri suggestions, organizes reminders in an intuitive interface.

Find My - Find My iPhone & Find My Friends (2 in 1)

About Find My iPhone si Find My Friends I've talked iHowTo.Tips. Two very useful applications for real-time location of devices Apple connected to the same account iCloud and for location of friends who have given their consent permanent sharing of the location.

With iOS 13, iPadOS si macOS Catalina, the two applications will be merged into one. Find My.
The application “Find My”Can help you find Mac or other device Apple even if it is active or in mode sleep. Using Bluetooth technology for nearby devices or minimal internet traffic when there is a connection, the devices send the location in real time to the account iCloud. Everything is done in the background and is fully secure.

macOS Catalina - Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

Voice Control - on all devices Apple

macOS Catalina includes new features to help everyone get the most out of it Mac.
Voice Control allows the user to control voice devices without using the classic method of control via keyboard or mouse. macOS, iPadOS si iOS they will be able to be fully controlled by voice, without limitations.

In addition to these new features, macOS Catalina will benefit from Gatekeeper which will check for all known vulnerability applications, while new data protection will require permissions for applications before accessing personal documents.
All MacURLs with T2 Security chip will have the option Activation Lock, which will make them less attractive to thieves. In addition to the application Find My they will be able to send location even when they are offline.

macOS Catalina – Sidecar, Music, TV, Podcast, Find My and many other news

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