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Netflix will introduce spatial audio for AirPods Pro si AirPods Max

"Spatial Audio”Was introduced by Apple with iOS 14 for AirPods Pro si AirPods Max, smart wireless headphones produced by the American company. The new technology is already present for subscribers Apple TV +, Disney + si Hulu, and from as yet unconfirmed sources, the largest online movie platform, Netflix is ​​preparing space audio implementation for compatible media content.

What is "audio space"?

The "spatial audio" technology tracks the dynamic movement of the head, providing a cinematic experience pe AirPods Pro / Max. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer from AirPods si iPhone / iPad, spatial sound tracks the movement of the head and the device, then analyzes the movement data remap the sound field, so that it remains anchored in the device even if we move our head. use directional audio filter si subtly adjusting the frequencies Received by each ear, "spatial audio" can place sounds anywhere in space, providing a captivating and immersive surround sound experience.
As an example, if you perceive a sound coming from in front of you when you turn your head to the right, the sound will be perceived as coming from the left.

It is very possible that when Netflix will implement "audio spatial", it will be available only to premium subscribers, just as Dolby Atmos surround sound is only available to the platform's premium subscribers.

In the not too distant future we will also hear recordings of live concerts with audio space. The sound experience will definitely be far beyond what is currently offered by stereo sound.

Netflix will introduce spatial audio for AirPods Pro si AirPods Max

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