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How-To open CORE Keygen & X-Force on MacOS Sierra

With the release of the latest OS releases, MacOS Sierra, Apple also brought significant improvements security system.
In addition to limiting access to install on the operating system applications without signature (unsigned apps), it has also limited the running of some applications known to be created to get serial, licenses and other access codes of some Paid applications. There are not a few who have "woken up" that they can not run keygen applications anymore CORE si X-Force pe MacOS Sierra. However, besides these malicious applications, these code generators were also used for other non-crack / hack operations.

Keygen app Keygen app quit unexpectedly.

System Integrity Protection: enabled
Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Let's run one code generator algorithm of the type mentioned above, it is good to have an operating system next to us OS X Yosemite. On OS X Yosemite running these applications is not a problem.

How to install OS X Yosemite on MacOS Sierra

1. Download and install VirtualBox for macOS. Download link.
2. We create a bootable USB stick with Yosemite OS X.
3. We configure VirtualBox to save our new operating system to a picture on an external hard drive. The ideal method to keep your space on the hdd of your Mac.
4. We install Yosemite via VirtualBox.
5. We run the Yosemite code generating application.

This is the safest way to open a Core Keygen or an X-Force Keygen on MacOS Sierra.
We do not advise you to use such programs except in order to generate codes for personal applications or for development.

How-To open CORE Keygen & X-Force on MacOS Sierra

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