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ITunes Store support for Windows XP and Windows Vista will be turned off

In an article recently published on the official website, Apple announced that starting with May 25, 2018 will make significant security changes in the application iTunes for Windows. In addition to protecting users and improving the performance of the application iTunes Store, also as a consequence will be incompatibility with operating systems Windows XP si Windows Vista.

After that, users of Windows Vista and Windows XP will be able to use it again older versions of iTunes, but the operations on these versions will be limited. They will no longer be able to buy new items from the iTunes Store and will not be able to download items already purchased. Basically, the app can only be used to listen to music stored locally and to sync Apple devices with older iOS versions.
For Windows XP and Windows Vista users who have bought music and movies from the iTunes Store, this change will be a bit strange. It makes it impossible for them to access the content for which they have paid.

Beginning with 25 May 2018, the new acquisitions in the iTunes Store can only be made with the latest version of iTunes and Windows 7 or later.

It should be noted that Apple is not the first company to discontinue support for Microsoft's older operating systems. Even Microsoft has discontinued updates for these OS versions, and last year Mozilla and Google announced that starting this year will stop support for Firefox and that Chrome.

ITunes Store support for Windows XP and Windows Vista will be turned off

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