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Update iPhone Software - iOS 11.4.1 (USB Restricted Mode)

Apple recently released the latest update for iPhone, Apple TV si Apple Watch.
iOS 11.4.1, tvOS 11.4.1 and watchOS 4.3.2 does not make any noticeable changes to users, but it solves a number of security issues and corrects a few bugs on previous releases.

For owners iPhone si iPad, the new version of iOS brings new possibilities to increase the security of the devices. Users can find in the menu "Settings”→“Face ID & Passcode”/“Touch ID & Passcode"New option:"USB Accessories". By disabling this option, iPhone or iPad cannot be connected to a PC via USB if not entered unlock code, Face ID or touch ID. The limitation applies automatically one hour after the last unlocking of the device. This way it will not be stressful for the owners who want to connect their devices to the PC, Mac or another device.

USB Accessories does not include battery charging functions. iPhone or iPad it can be charged even if it is locked, but it cannot be accessed via USB in any way.
It is a recommended security setting for protecting the data stored on the device. When “USB Accessories” is activated, your device will interact and can be operated from other devices that are connected to it via USB.
This is the most important feature of this iOS update. Bug fixes and other security issues have also been fixed. It is very possible to change something for the better and for the consumption of energy resources for iPhone.
After launching and installing iOS 11.4 many owners of iPhone (in particular iPhone 6S) complained that the battery of the devices is consumed much faster. Consumption in applications has increased significantly and the operating period during a charging cycle has decreased substantially. It seems that Apple managed with iOS 11.4 to bring back an older problem present on these models iPhone.
It is, however, resolved to report the last available location for Find My Friends si AirPods.

iOS 11.4.1 is available to users worldwide. Settings → General → Software Update. Minimum 50% battery (or less if connected to a charger) and Wi-Fi connection. You can also opt for the update via iTunes.

Update iPhone Software - iOS 11.4.1 (USB Restricted Mode)

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