Update software iPhone and iPad – iOS 11.3 - Features and Installation

More than a month after the launch iOS 11.2.6, a version that was launched in "emergency mode" by Apple to solve the crashes caused by the Indian character telugu, 29.03.2018 is releasing the final version of a iOS 11.3 for models of iPhone and iPad with support iOS 11. Models of iPhone 5s or newer ones, iPad Air / iPad Mini 2 or newer and iPod Touch 6 generation has. Updateis available for download and installation from the menu "Settings”→“General”→“Software Update". The condition is to have a Wi-Fi internet connection si minimum 50% battery.

Update software iPhone and iPad - iOS 11.3 - Features and Installation

iOS 11.3 introduces a month-long list of features for users iPhone and iPad, but there are also some significant minuses. Functions such as storing messages in iCloud and a real battery management system seems to be waiting. In a beta version of iOS 11.3 Apple introduction storing messages in iCloud, but in the latest beta and final versions, iMessages in iCloud has been withdrawn. Most likely “messages in iCloud”Will be available in a update de iOS what will be released simultan with the one for macOS High Sierra.

A novelty on iOS 11.3 is the introduction Battery Health, but this is also in a beta version, and users have nothing to manage. I can only see the state of the battery wear. This is how it is done for iPhone 7 used every day, more than 15 months (1 year and 3 months), I found out that the battery still has 87% of life. Maximum Capacity from Battery Health (Beta) it refers more exactly to how worn the battery is. A lower percentage will lead in direct proportion to a download speed in a shorter time.

Update software iPhone and iPad - iOS 11.3 - Features and Installation

All in Battery Health (Beta) we also see a kind of preview of “Peak Performance Capability". iOS optimized for models iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is optimized to support dynamic performance management to prevent sudden shutdown of the device. This issue was also discussed and attracted a monster scandal in which the company was involved Apple. In the final version of "Battery Health” it is expected that the user can choose freely if he wants top performance in exchange for the sudden shutdown of the iPhone.

iOS 11.3 also introduces a new version of Arkite. ARKit 1.5 allows developers to make more advanced applications and games augmented reality. ARKit 1.5 better maps irregular surfaces, recognizes real-world objects and elements, and provides support for placing virtual objects on vertical surfaces. On the walls, vertical furniture, etc.

For users iPhone X, iOS 11.3 brings a new set of four animoji. A bear, a skull, a lion head and a dragon.

Update software iPhone and iPad - iOS 11.3 - Features and Installation

Currently, few countries benefit from operators that have implemented Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology, but Apple introduced support for this in the new iOS. Advanced Mobile Location (AML) allows real-time location when I'm calling an emergency number. It is very useful when the user is in danger, has suffered an accident and can not speak on the phone. Once the emergency number is called, it will be located by the technology Advanced Mobile Location (AML).

Another novelty in iOS 11.3 is about fixing some bugs present on some devices iPhone and a redemption of some options from App Store. Sorting reviews by importance or rating, and in the section Updates gasim more data about updates.

Update software iPhone and iPad – iOS 11.3 - Features and Installation

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