What is BFF on Facebook and what does it help if you write "BFF" in the comments

As over time, Facebook has started a lot contests and false news, the same happens with "BFF". Users are prompted to write "BFF" in a status comment, and if "BFF" appears green, it means they have a secure account. If "BFF" does not appear green, it means they have to change Facebook password. At least this is the newest form of "BFF". Initially, it "shows" whether or not you have a secure Facebook account.
It is not known exactly who started this bad joke, but it is certain that he scolded the scandal well Cambridge Analytica in which Facebook is accused of leaking user data to a third party for political and marketing purposes. That's another story.

This bad joke with BFF did nothing but show us how easily people can be manipulated with one simplus facebook status. Unfortunately, the same thing happens in real life, when for 1 kg of sugar or 1 L of oil they put their stamp on the ballot, having the conviction that up to that kilogram will last until the next elections. Maybe there are people who are satisfied with just that.

What does BFF mean on Facebook? "BFF"Comes from"Best Friends Forever". So if you wrote "BFF" in a comment on a status, it does not mean that you have secured or verified the security of your Facebook account. You just showed how easy you can be manipulated.

What is BFF on Facebook and what does it help if you write "BFF" in the comments

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