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What is a podcast and how did it come about?

With the pandemic, many shows, concerts and TV shows have been postponed or even canceled, and many celebrities have gone online. Some of them have chosen to host "podcast", Where I receive various guests.
It was a welcome idea, especially since it avoids the policy of media trusts, which often do not allow the stars of one trust to appear or interact with the stars of another post-media.
But many do not know one thing. Many celebrities or content creators claim that they do "podcast ”on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

What does "Podcast" mean and how did it come about? 

The word "podcast”Is an invention of Apple, and appeared from the combination of the words "iPod"And"Broadcast".
iPod they are devices Apple dedicated primarily to audio content. By the way, from Autumn 2001 since it was launched first iPod and until 2011, these devices were dedicated exclusively to audio content. With the launch of the first generation of iPod Touch, users were also able to enjoy video content and pictures on iPod.

"Broadcast"Is a word very common in the internet and smart TV. It means radio broadcasting or transmission.

As for the term "podcast" or "podcasts", it refers to an episodic series, transmitted vocally in a data stream. Flow that is optimized primarily for the application Podcasts a Apple, present both on iPod Touch as well as on iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac.

Podcast content creators publish episodes on this platform, and users can be subscribed, I can download the episodes and I can listen to or watch them whenever I want.
In application Podcasts a Apple we will find content from all fields, in almost all languages. From business to health, history, culture, science, children's stories and more.

So, if a content creator is only present on YouTube, it is a bit inappropriate to say that he is a "podcaster".

Monetization and subscriptions to Podcasts

The monetization of a podcast channel by content creators should also be discussed here. If there is a very robust ad monetization system on YouTube, on the Podcasts application a Apple, is almost impossible. Content creators can only promote products or services in episodes.

With iOS 14.6 users can subscribe to podcasts for individual channels and shows. This prepares the future feature Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, through which content creators can request a sum of money for individual access to a channel or a single show.
Subscription prices will be set by content creators and will be billed monthly or annually.

What is a podcast and how did it come about?

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