AirPods Pro Clone at $ 95 Price [Fake AirPods]

The new AirPods Pro, which we talked about in one previous article, were at least as successful as the first model AirPods wireless headphones, launched by Apple. The best proof of success, is that no month after the launch of AirPods Pro, the first clones appeared on the market (fake products), which almost perfectly mimics Apple's original product. The size range is 1: 1, and the capabilities are almost identical to the AirPods Pro.

The clones of AirPods Pro are called i500 Pro TWS and are provided with features that will make many think twice before purchasing the original product.

i500 Pro TWS or Air i500 Pro TWS, offers support Siri, total synchronization with iCloud, GPS for location devices via Apple services, plus other options almost similar to the original AirPods Pro.

It is worth noting that these wireless headsets have their own sound technology, called True Wireless Sound (TWS) and have ISO9001 accredited factory in Shenzhen, China.

Complete specifications of the Air i500 Pro TWS wireless headphones

For those who do not know the "history" of these clones, I would say that this is the third generation of AirPods clones, launched at the same factory. The new Air i500 Pro TWS clones come with:

- a new Qualcomm chip, Siri compatibility,
- housing with wireless charging,
- the battery usage time was increased to 4.5 hours, compared to only 4 hours of the previous generation,
- the H1 chip from the first generation of AirPods (the original ones) was added,
- sensors for "play" / "pause" music on each headset.
- the possibility to use them together or independently.
- support pairing with iOS 13 and pop up like the original ones. It correctly indicates the battery level for each headset, on the iPhone or iPad screen.

These clones are not equipped with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes as they have AirPods Pro, and you shouldn't have too high expectations from the microphone and speakers.

As a personal opinion, in general, cloned articles will never rise to the standards of the original. Whether we are talking about gadgets, perfumes, clothing, etc. Before you knowingly buy a fake (cloned) product, think "maybe you're too poor to buy cheap stuff."

AirPods Pro Clone at $ 95 Price [Fake AirPods]

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