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How to enable automatic updates for iOS 14 and for applications installed on iPhone si iPad (iPadOS 14) - Automatic Updates

Software updates si updates of installed applications I bring most of the time enhanced performance, solving some errors and bugs from previous versions, interface improvements, new functions and last but not least, security improvements.
Cybercriminals use operating system weaknesses (security breaches) or applications to be able to control the victim's PC or smartphone in order to steal confidential identity or data. Software and application updates have the role of closing these gaps and keeping users' data safe.

On all smartphones and computers, no matter what we're talking about Windows, macOS, Android, Linux or iOS, we meet two types of updates. Operating system updates (OS Updates) and updates of the applications installed on the operating system (App Updates). As I said a little above, both are very important and it is recommended that these updates be done regularly or automatically, as soon as a new update is available.

Depending on the device and the operating system, automatic updates can be activated and deactivated following a few simple steps.

How to enable automatic updates of the iOS / operating system iPadOS and applications on iPhone si iPad

Enable / disable automatic iOS software update / iPadOS (iOS automatic updates)

1. We're going iPhone or iPad in the: "Settings”→“General”→“software Update”→“Automatic Updates".

2. At "Automatic Updates" we have two options that are good to keep active. "Download iOS Updates"And"Install iOS Updates". The second option is automatically dependent on the first. Updates cannot be installed if they are not downloaded.

Updates will only be downloaded when iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This avoids the consumption of mobile data via 4G / 5G, which could involve costs.
The automatic installation of the updates will be done during the night when iPhone is charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network. The user will receive a notification informing them that the automatic update will take place.

Enable / disable automatic update of iOS applications / iPadOS (iOS automatic updates)

Regarding applicationsThe option automatic update has been moved to another menu with iOS 14. If you want to enable or disable automatic updating of applications installed on iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is follow:

1. Go to “Settings”→“App Store"→ activate the option"App Updates" from under "Automatic Downloads".

Once activated, there will be periodic updates of applications, automatically.

Keep in mind, however, that neither the iOS software updates nor those of the applications will be made as soon as a new version is released. Most of the time, the automatic update routines are done two or three days after the launch of a new version of iOS or application.

How to enable automatic updates for iOS 14 and for applications installed on iPhone si iPad (iPadOS 14) - Automatic Updates

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