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How to create a Personal Hotspot network on iPhone or iPad for Internet sharing

We know that for the most part it is very easy to make a hotspot network on the iPhone or iPad, but lately, the technology has started to be used by all age groups, and seniors can say that they are new to various smartphone settings- s.

Before sharing a hotspot connection, you need to consider two aspects:

1. Devices connected to your iPhone will use mobile data traffic, which can increase billing costs.
2. As long as the hotspot is activated, the iPhone battery will consume much faster.

What is a hotspot?

O personal network hotspot will allow you to share (share) mobile internet connection of a iPhone or iPad (the condition is that it is with mobile data SIM) with other devices that support the connection to a Wi-Fi network. For example, if you have a laptop that you normally keep connected to the woreless router, but it doesn't work anymore, you canyou create a hotspot network on your iPhone to connect your laptop. It will use the iPhone's mobile internet.
You have to keep in mind that a laptop connected to a mobile data network will do more traffic than an iPhone or iPad. That is why you must pay attention to data consumption in order not to be charged extra.
You can also do this if you are traveling and have your laptop with you. If there is no wireless network available to connect your laptop, you can share the mobile internet from the iPhone.

How do I activate a Personal Hotspot network on iPhone or iPad?

1. We go to iPhone in SettingsPersonal Hotspot

2. We switch on the green the "Allow Others to Join"

After you activate Personal Hotspot, a wireless network will be created with the name of your device ("Laurentiu's iPhone" in our example) which will be able to connect with the password from the "Wi-Fi Password".
If around the iPhone on which the hotspot has been activated is another fine Family Group device, the connection can be shared without the need for a password. You just have to accept the connection to the device.

The mobile Internet can be shared both via Wi-Fi and through device or data cable connection the laptop.

Keep in mind that you cannot share a Wi-Fi connection. The iPhone on which the hotspot network is created must have a 3G, 4G or 5G connection. Only the mobile internet can be shared through the hotspot, from the iPhone.
The Personal Hotspot option will not be available on a Wi-Fi iPad, just because it has no mobile data connection. It requires an iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular.

How to create a Personal Hotspot network on iPhone or iPad for Internet sharing

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