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How to initiate FaceTime calls from the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an excellent extension of the iPhone, and many operations save you from getting your hands on the iPhone. From the Apple Watch we can read notifications from applications on the iPhone, we can take voice calls, read and send emails (voice dialing) or we can initiate calls on FaceTime.
For many users, FaceTime means video calls, but unfortunately the Apple Watch does not have a camera to take or initiate a FaceTime video call.
But FaceTime is not just about video calling. The service can also be used for voice calls via the Internet.

The FaceTime Voice Calling service also works great on the Apple Watch. We can take and initiate FaceTime calls from Apple's smartwatch. It is preferable to have AirPods or AirPods Pro at hand for calls, but if we do not have these accessories we can easily use the high quality speaker and the high fidelity microphone of the Apple Watch.

How to initiate a FaceTime call from the Apple Watch

The easiest way to make a voice call on FaceTime on the Apple Watch is with Siri.

On the Apple Watch, Siri help can be requested in various ways:Rise to Speak"- lifting the Apple Watch close to the mouth, voice command"Hey Siri"Or by pressing the digital wheel -"digital Crown".
Command "Siri" for initiating a FaceTime voice call from the Apple Watch, will start with "FaceTime", followed by the name of the person we want to call.

FaceTime calls on the Apple Watch can be started without Siri, but you will need to enter "Phone" → "Contacts" → select the contact you want to call → click on the "phone" icon in "Info". The call will be initiated by default via FaceTime.

It is understood that to take or initiate FaceTime calls from the Apple Watch, it must be connected to the Internet, via Wi-Fi / cellular mobile network (if you have a cellular model) or associated with an iPhone connected to the internet.

The best experience for voice calls on the Apple Watch is complemented by AirPods, AirPods Pro or other similar accessories. Calls will be routed to Bluetooth-connected accessories.

How to initiate FaceTime calls from the Apple Watch

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