How to increase the battery life AirPods Pro - Optimized Battery Charging

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a solution of optimization of the battery charging process iPhone. This function, called "Optimized Battery”Learn the charging cycles of iPhone, so that the loading is not done quickly if iPhone it is charged during the night. A slow charge is known to prolong battery life and damage.

Slow charge protection is not only valid for iPhone. A slower load is a very effective method of protecting anyone Li-ion batteries. Everything is to have a capable chip or software on the device to limit the speed and charge level of the battery in certain scenarios. 

Apple introduced Optimized Battery Charging and for wireless headphones AirPods For.
It is known that these wonderful devices are equipped with batteries with quite small dimensions. Both the batteries on the headset itself and the one in the charging case.

Optimized Battery Charging will definitely help increase battery life AirPods Pro and will slow down the normal process of physical degradation.

How to enable and disable Optimized Battery Charging on AirPods For

Just like at iPhone, AirPods Pros will "learn" charging cycles so that a slow charge does not affect the user. That is, not to start a slow charge during the day, when maybe we need a 100% fast charge. 

1. First of all AirPods Pro must be "mated" and connected to a iPhone. Be careful, even if the headphones are paired at iPhone, the connection is made only when the headphones are put in the ears or the load housing cover is open

2. With headphones AirPods For connected, we go on iPhone in "Settings”→“Bluetooth", Then in the list of connected devices we click on the blue" i "sign on the right AirPods Pro. 

3. In the bluetooth settings of the headphones AirPods Pro we have practically all their settings. Including button functions, Siri, microphone as well as battery charge optimization settings. We can activate or deactivate the option from "Optimized Battery Charging". 

As with iPhone, the battery will charge up to 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​will be assimilated much more slowly. 

If we are in a situation where we want the charging to be done quickly up to 100%, and "Optimized Battery Charging" is activated, all we have to do is open the cover of the charging case, and on the screen iPhone (it should be open and unlocked) click on "Turn off until tomorrow". 

The optimized battery charge will be deactivated until the next day.

It is recommended that this feature be enabled on AirPods Pro especially in the scenario where we use them intensely. With each charging cycle, the battery of a device is subjected to physical stress, which over time leads to degradation and decreased performance.

How to increase the battery life AirPods Pro - Optimized Battery Charging

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