How do we stop headphones AirPods / AirPods Pro to automatically connect to iPod, theMac, MacBook or other devices Apple

Apple puts great value on the synchronization and interaction of devices in the ecosystem, and headphones AirPods are no exception to this feature.
Un Apple Watch we can't use it if we don't have one iPhone to initiate it, MacBook and iMac can be unlocked with Apple Watch, music on HomePod / HomePod mini can be started and only by simply approaching a iPhone touch surface, which can then run independently on the device, a iPad Pro we can use it as a screen extension MacBook / iMac through the Sidecar feature without the need for a physical cable connection between the two devices, take the examples of synchronization and interactions between the devices Apple could continue. Most likely we will make a complete article about this aspect.

As for the headphones AirPods Pro / AirPods Max, thanks to the H1 chip, they support in addition to "Hey Siri" and a faster synchronization with other devices Apple around us. So if we have headphones AirPods Pro put in your ears and you are close to a iPhone, iPad and iMac or MacBook, will be a "show" of synchronizations. not exactly pleasant for the user. The mention is that all devices belong to the same account iCloud.
AirPods Pro will automatically connect to all devices and the audio content will come from the active device. But there is also the scenario in which you want to make a voice call / video on iPhone (with AirPods Pro in the ears) and to have the unpleasant surprise that in his headphones he hears the music on iPad or MacBook. Automatically, without being asked whether or not you want the music on another device Apple to transfer to AirPods Pro.

Personally, I have been through this situation several times. Being called on iPhone, the moment I put the headphones on and answered the call, the sound came from iMac, where I was watching video content, instead of the sound coming from iPhone where I was already in a conversation.

If we use headphones AirPods Pro more for iPhone (calls, music, Siri), it is best to prevent them from automatically connecting to other devices Apple around us.
Compared to other wireless headphones, AirPods once initiated on a device Apple, the Bluetooth connection will be made with all the devices on which it is the same account iCloud. Deleting them from the list of Bluetooth connections on one device will remove them from the other. So it's not a good idea. There is something else we can do to prevent headphones AirPods to automatically connect to iPad, MacBook or iMac.

How to prevent the automatic connection of headphones AirPods / AirPods Pro / AirPods Max la iPad, theMac, MacBook

1. Open the housing AirPods and we put both headphones in our ears.

2. We're going iPad (if we no longer want to automatically pick up the sound from this device) in: “Settings”→“Bluet00th"And click on the sign"i" from "AirPods Pro".

3. In the settings AirPods Pro from Bluetooth we have an option through which we can stop the automatic transfer of sound from iPod when we have headphones in our ears. It's about the option "Connect to This iPad“, Which by default is set to automatic mode.

4. We go to “Connect to This iPad"And we change from"Automatically"In"When Last Connected to This iPad".

From this moment automatic sound transfer will no longer be performed iPad pe AirPods when we put our headphones on, if AirPods have since been connected to another device. iPhone, e.g. Basically this option will switch the sound automatically off iPad pe AirPods only if this was the last device to which the headphones were last connected.

I noticed that there are tutorial portals that give as a solution the deactivation of the option "Automatic Ear Detection“. It doesn't make much sense to deactivate this option, especially since from which I noticed with it activated and with it deactivated, AirPods behaves the same. I mean I tested "Automatic Ear Detection" off on iPhone 12 Pros, and headphones AirPods they connected automatically as soon as I put them in my ears.

iPad will still detect whether or not the headphones are active (in the ears) and we will be able to switch the sound on iPad pe AirPods and we can we still see the charge level of the case battery and headphones. Even if theoretically AirPods are no longer connected to iPad.

If we manually switch the sound off iPad pe AirPods, on the next reuse of AirPods it will automatically reconnect to iPad.

As I said at the beginning of the tutorial, it is a real "festival" of notifications if I had more devices Apple around and we put AirPods Pro in the ears. andMac si MacBook Pro  I am no exception.

Voice calls, whether made through FaceTime or not, can be picked up on both iPhone as well as iMac / MacBook or iPad if you have them nearby when you are called. But if you just want to use it iPhone and answer the call on AirPods, I tell you from experience that it is best to disable the automatic switching of the sound on iMac pe AirPods. Not once did I suffer to answer from AirPods Pro and the call to switch itself when iMac, when on iPhone, if neither I nor the conversation partner understood anything.

How to disable automatic connection of AirPods / AirPods For the iMac and / or MacBook 

1. Open "System Preferences" and go to "Bluetooth".

2. In the list of Bluetooth devices and accessories connected to iMac / MacBook Pro, we identify the headphones AirPods, connect them and then click on the "Options" button next to them.

3. In "Options" we have several options for AirPods Pro. From the microphone we want to use to the automatic connection to the device when headphones AirPods are put in the ears.

Just like at iPad, the "Connect to This Mac"We will change from"Automatically"In"When Last Connected to This Mac".

headphones AirPods they will no longer automatically connect to iMac or MacBook unless at their last use they were manually connected to this device.

Of course, so on iPad and the Mac you can still easily transfer the sound from the internal speaker to AirPods / AirPods Pro.

How do we stop headphones AirPods / AirPods Pro to automatically connect to iPod, theMac, MacBook or other devices Apple

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