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How to program a Mac / MacBook to start or stop alone (Schedule Start up, Shut Down / Sleep / Restart)

A very useful option for those who work remotely on Mac, it is possible to set certain time intervals in which Mac / MacBook to open itself, to restart, to enter the "sleep" mode or to stop (shut down).
Equally useful is this close / open programming function Mac and when you let it run time-consuming processes and you want it to shut down on its own at your estimated time.

How to program a Mac to close or open on its own at certain hours or on certain days

First of all, if you want to schedule a MacBook to open on its own at a certain time, you must keep in mind that the flap is open. It will not start at the scheduled time if the damper is closed.

1. We're going to the menu Apple →  System Preferences →  Energy Saver.

2. In the "Energy Saver" settings go to the bottom of the panel to the option "Schedule ..."

3. From “Schedule"We can choose two scheduled actions. Opening Mac at a certain time, with the possibility to set a certain day of the week, working days or weekends.
A second action allows us to we schedule a certain time at which Mac / MacBook to close (Shut Down) to enter "Sleep" mode or restart.

Click "Ok" after making the programming settings close / auto start a Mac or MacBook.

If you are working during closing time, a dialog box will appear on the screen warning you that Macis about to close

You can stop this action with a simple click on the "Cancel" button.

"Schedule" is a very useful option for battery protection. If you give up MacBook open to complete the download, you can schedule it to close automatically at the time this download is expected to complete.

How to program a Mac / MacBook to start or stop alone (Schedule Start up, Shut Down / Sleep / Restart)

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