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How can we copy files from Mac to an NTFS formatted flash drive / HDD / SSD

Mac users know that they use different formatting types than Windows, both for the internal storage drive (HDD / SSD / Fusion Drive) and for the external ones (flash drives, external hard drives, SSDs, etc. sdCard ).

FAT: si exFAT are two formats that are found natively on the Mac. However, by their nature they come with some limitations, regarding the volume of data per file. One format used by many is NTFS, but it can only be read by Mac. If he slept copy one or more files from Mac to storage extern NTFS formatted, natively we cannot do this. We can only read files from external storage or copy them to the Mac.

Fortunately, Apple has added an experimental feature that allows Mac users to copy files from Mac to a flash drive or external NTFS hard drive. Without installing any application, be it free.

How can we copy files from Mac to an external hard drive or NTFS flash drive

First of all, don't forget that this method is currently experimental, and Apple only recommends it to users who do not have to transfer important data to external storage.
One requirement you must keep in mind is that the name of the external drive (flash drive, external hdd, etc.) to be composed of a single word.

In our scenario, we have a 16GB formatted USB stick NTFS, called “iHowTo”On which we want to copy data from the Mac.

1. Open the Terminal utility and execute the command line:

sudo nano /etc/fstab

After executing the command line, press "Enter" and enter the password of our user. Password on the Mac.

2. In the editable file “fstab” open with “nano”, we add the line (replace “iHowTo” with the name of your storage unit):

LABEL=iHowTo none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse

Save the change with Ctrl + O and close "nano" with Ctrl + X.

3. Disconnect the external drive and reconnect it to the Mac (if connected).

4. Open the Finder, go to “Go”“Go to Folder…” and introduce “/Volumes” to access the external drive.

We can now copy Mac files to an external NTFS storage drive.

How can we copy files from Mac to an NTFS formatted flash drive / HDD / SSD

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