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How can we connect through the proxy server and use IP from another country

You do not have to be a hacker or have a lot of IT knowledge to get you you can change your identity online and to find yourself accessing a service in a country other than the real one.

There are websites and applications that allow us access to services only if we use IP from a certain geographical region. If we are not in an agreed country, we will not be able to use the services or access that website. "This service is not available in your country / geographic area".
There is a simple way to change the most important online identity, namely the IP address. Using a Proxy connection, internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) will go over the Internet through an IP other than the real one.

How can we connect through the proxy to use IP from another country or geographic region and hide our online identity

1. The first step is to find one IP functional proxy of the country where we are interested in showing our connection to accessing that site or service. On find lists with proxy servers functional and constantly updated. For instance, for Indonesia, proxy list you find it at this address.

2. We choose a proxy from the list shown on the page above, then open Firefox and set up a proxy connection.
Click on Firefox's menu button > Preferences

In the panel that opens we go to: Advanced > Network > Settings (from the “Connection”)

In "Connection Settings"We have connection options for Firefox to go online.
Check the option "Manual proxy configuration”> La HTTP Proxy we pass the chosen IP from the list from the address above, and to “Port (The Harbour District)" the corresponding number. All of the list above. Example in the image below.

After IP and Port, check the option "Use this proxy server for all protocols", Then" OK "to save the changes.

Once you click "OK", Firefox will no longer use your real IP (UPC, RDS, Orange, Telekom, etc.) when it comes to the Internet, but IP proxy server set above. This way, when you access a site or an online service, it will appear that you are from the proxy IP location and not the real one. You can check if the connection is set up and what IP you have at the internet exit, by visiting: http: //  - Show My IP.
Here it must appear under "Show My IP" IP address of the proxy server your choice

Using a proxy connection is the easiest way to access services and sites that are not available in your country. At the same time, online identity is hidden.

How can we connect through the proxy server and use IP from another country

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