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How to repair Windows 10 Update, Update Settings, and Installed Update History if it does not work

Windows 10 is a completely different system than previous operating system releases Microsoft. Even though the principle and architecture have remained largely the same, Microsoft has made visible improvements and innovations on all versions of Windows 10.

Regarding the Windows 10 update system (Windows Update), it is much altered and does not offer much the user's ability to block updates. neither would not be recommended to do so, given the current conditions in which more and more happen cyber attacks and they appear vulnerabilities (Meltdown si Spectre being fashionable during this period).

These days, we were faced with a stranger problem with the Windows 10 update. No Responsible Panels for Updates: Windows Update, Windows Update Settings / Options and "View Installed Update History" it did not work. It could open, though the Windows Update pane was white, showing in the top bar the pointer that would load some content.

Why it doesn't work and the "Windows Update" page / panel doesn't load in Windows 10

Compared with operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista si Windows XP, Windows 10 uses another update system. If for the aforementioned versions the updates could be downloaded from the Microsoft site and installed as a regular software, on Windows 10 these updates can only be done through "Windows Update". For this Windows 10 update module to work, it is necessary that certain Windows services (Windows Services) to run on the operating system.

  • Windows Update
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
  • Cryptographic Service
  • Update Orchestrator Service

All four of these services are required to run for Windows Update to work normally.

How to check if Windows Update runs on Windows 10

Open Windows Services. Do this by pressing the keys "Win”+“RAnd type "Run" in the box "Run"services.msc"Then"EnterOr open the "Start Menu" and type "services". "Services" will appear in the results list.
In the list that opens we identify the four services mentioned above and see if they have status "Running". Otherwise we right-click on the selected service and "Start".

After the services are turned on, we go back to the Windows Update panel. Everything should work normally.

He was responsible for our problem "Update Orchestrator Service". Windows 10 service that is responsible for all the management of update services. If this service is turned off, the “Windows Update” and “View Installed Update History” panels will display the white page and you can no longer install Windows 10 updatesbright.

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Fix Windows 10 Update Problems

How can we repair the Windows 10 update mode if we are unable to run Windows 10 updates or refuse updates to install.
What Windows services are vital to running Windows Updates.

How to repair Windows 10 Update, Update Settings, and Installed Update History if it does not work

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