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How to set the scroll direction and speed of the Magic Mouse / Trackpad slider on iPad Pro

Apple has developed a lot in recent years generations iPad, and for productivity in some areas have become more useful than a PC or laptop.

An iPad can be used for complete tasks, and when it has one mouse or trackpad connected, the work becomes very easy.
With iOS 13, Apple has begun separate development of the iPad operating system. The system called iPadOS is all based on iOS, but contains some features dedicated to iPad tablets.

A very important feature that Apple has emphasized in the latest updates is the support for mouse and trackpad.

If you have a Magic Mouse or Trackpad connected to iPad, you can do custom settings for cursor movement speed or to change the scroll direction from “natural” to “unnatural”.

Compared to other platforms, such as Windows or Android, Apple uses by default the reverse direction of scrolling. If on Windows, when scrolling on a web page, it will follow the movement of the fingers on the trackpad or on the Magic Mouse, on devices with macOS, iOS or iPadOS, the movement will be reversed.
This change of direction can confuse users who are accustomed to non-Apple operating systems.

Fortunately, on all Apple operating systems, the user can choose to change the scroll direction from "natural" (Apple default) to unnatural for the system, web pages, documents.

How to change the scroll direction on iPad - Natural / Unnatural

1. First of all we must have a mouse / Magic Mouse or trackpad. The connection is made via Bluetooth.

2. Go to “Settings”→“General”→“Trackpad & Mouse".

3. From the settings “Trackpad & Mouse”We can change the scroll direction from“ natural ”to“ unnatural ”by simply unchecking the option, and at the top we change the speed of the mouse / trackpad cursor.

Also from here we can set and secondary click (right click) for Magic Mouse.

For a good experience it is necessary to have the latest version of iPadOS 13 or newer version.

Support for typing si trackpad was added with iPadOS 13.

How to set the scroll direction and speed of the Magic Mouse / Trackpad slider on iPad Pro

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