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How to transfer pictures from iPhone / iPad pe Mac or Windows [Complete Tutorial]

Pictures and videos made with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be stored si TRANSFERRED in different ways, depending on our preferences and the operating system on which we are going to make the transfer. Of course, the easiest to transfer pictures from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is on a Mac. Apple offering multiples synchronization solutions between the idevices in their own ecosystem. iCloud Photos, AirDrop and cable USB, are the simplest methods by which pictures and video clips can be transferred from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad pe Mac.

Method 1

iCloud Photos - How to transfer pictures and videos from iPhone / iPad pe Mac si Windows

Every device owner Apple, from the initialization phase of the device must create an account Apple (Apple ID / iCloud Account). This account can be added to multiple devices of the same person, and the content from Photos will be able to be synchronized. E.g. a picture taken with iPhone will be present both on iPad and the Mac. All we need to have is that option iCloud Photos to be activated on all devices we want pictures taken with iPhone to be present.

Enable iCloud Photos pe iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is made of: Settings →  Photos →  activate iCloud Photos.

Here we have the option as iPhone / iPad to keep the pictures and videos in full size, or we can keep one optimized variant (Optimize iPhone Storage) to save storage space. The full version will be available whenever we want to open the picture or video on the device.
If on iPhone or iPad we have selected the option "Download and Keep Original", Note that the device will be synced to its original size, including photos and videos taken with another device that has the same authenticated account. iCloud. For example, if we take pictures with iPhoneAnd the iPad we have activated the option "Download and Keep Original", Then the pictures taken with iPhone will be downloaded in original on iPad. The same can happen to videos, screenshots or images saved from the web on iPhone. The same thing will happen on iPhome, if you take pictures with iPad. These will be found in the gallery Photos along with those made with iPhone.

For owners Mac, transfer photos from mobile idevice via iCloud Photos it is very easy to do. open application Photos pe Mac (installed natively on macOS) and go to the menu: Photos →  Preferences … →  iCloud → check the option “iCloud Photos".

And here we have the options we talked about earlier. "Download Originals to this Mac"And will automatically take up more storage space on your hard drive, or"Optimize Mac storage", And miniature copies of the original pictures and videos will be kept.
When we open a picture, it will be downloaded from iCloud to the original size (requires internet connection).

With the option "iCloud Photos”Activated on Mac and on iPhone, pictures can be transferred in both directions. If we import pictures from the hard drive into the application Photos on Mac, they will automatically sync on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Pictures and videos from iCloud Photos will of course occupy the space allocated to your account iCloud receive free 5 GB, following that for more space to make a monthly subscription. 0.99 EUR for 50 GB, 2.99 EUR / 200 GB si 9.99 EUR for 2 TB.

Transfer photos and videos from iPhone pe Windows PC it's just as simple. All you have to do is install the iCloud for Windows, To login with your ID iCloud and choose what you want to sync. application iCloud is available for free in the Microsoft Store.

Pictures and videos are also available online at from any device that allows web browsing. Including on a Smart TV.

Method 2:

Cable transfer USB : How to transfer pictures and videos from iPhone or iPad pe Windows PC yes Mac 

Even if iPhone si iPad they are very popular devices, the same cannot be said about Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. In almost all countries, most homeowners iPhone they have a laptop or a PC with an operating system at home Windows.
Transfer photos and videos from iPhone on a Windows PC is made easiest by the data cable / loading al iPhone. USB to lightning.
Once connected iPhone la Windows PC, on the screen iPhone he will ask us to we authorize access to pictures and videos. "Allow“, Then we introduce PINunlock iPhone.

After this step, in Windows The PC will display the drive for storing photos and videos, from where you can easily copy to your hard drive or external storage.

For users Mac, transfer photos and videos from iPhone or iPad it's just as simple, through the application "Photos". online iPhone la Mac via the data cable, open the application "Photos”And use the“ Import ”option.

Method 3:

Although the devices iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch come with the latest generations Bluetooth, the transfer of photos and videos cannot be done through this protocol to an Android smartphone or to a laptop with Windows / Linux.
The only option is "AirDrop", for device owners Apple. Through AirDrop you can transfer any document between devices Apple, without being restricted from using a iCloud. The condition is that the two devices between which the transfer is made are nearby and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. AirDrop technology can use these two transfer protocols simultaneously, providing speed and stability.

How to transfer pictures from iPhone / iPad pe Mac or Windows [Complete Tutorial]

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