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How to transform a MacBook Pro / Air in a Desktop / iMac [Vertical Dock]

MacBook Pro are laptops with absolutely amazing features that would ever face a desktop PC or Mac in terms of hardware resources, and by definition, the main advantage of a laptop is mobility.

If we want to transform a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro a desktop / sMac, our first solution is to connect the device to an external monitor. harbor Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) present on generations of MacBook Pro / Air in recent years is able to withstand video output up to 4K resolution.
But in this scenario it would be at least an inconvenience. During operation, MacBook it must remain with the flip open and we must use either the device's keyboard or connect an external one. Office space would be a real problem if we used it MacBook as a desktop with two external monitors.

A good solution to transform a MacBook Pro or Air in a desktop connected to one or two external monitors, is Vertical Dock of Brydge.

Designed with a elegant and premium design in style Apple, these docking stations are are designed primarily for the purpose to occupy as little office space as possible but also to ensure optimal performance when working.

There is also a mention to be made. Vertical Dock of Brydge supports video output Thunderbolt 3 for a single display only. Enough to transform you MacBook in an iMac. If you want to connect two displays you also need a splitter USB-C additional.

The connection between MacBook si Vertical Dock it is done in a second, by simply connecting it to the dock. power MacBook will be provided by Vertical Dock, which is provided with a own energy control systemand intake and exhaust slots of the station ensures a good air circulation to and from MacBook, thus holding temperature under control during work tasks.

The price for this docking station is 160 EUR and can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer's website, on / products /macbook-vertical-dock.

Currently this model of vertical dock is not compatible for new generations of MacBook Pro si MacBook Air equipped with the chip Apple M1, but it is very possible that in the near future there will be solutions for vertical docking for the new generations of MacBook launched Apple.

How to transform a MacBook Pro / Air in a Desktop / iMac [Vertical Dock]

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