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Disable Quick Note from right bottom corner in macOS Monterey [Hot Corners Tips]

How to disable the automatic launch of Quick Note on macOS Monterey, when moving the cursor through the lower right corner of the screen.

macOS Monterey came with many new features, both in terms of the operating system itself and the "home" applications developed by Apple and which we find installed by default on Mac.
One of these, which came with new features is the Notes application. I talked in an article about how we can use Tags and Quick Notes in the new version of Notes on macOS Monterey.

Characteristic Quick Note its role is to help users access the field where notes can be saved faster, without having to open the Notes application. By simply hovering the cursor in the lower right corner of the screen, the new field for quick insights in the application will open. Notes.

Quick Note macOS Monterey

It's not exactly a good idea as he thought Apple quick access to this feature of macOS Monterey. If we have an application open in full screen, and that application has command buttons at the bottom right, then there is the possibility to launch Quick Note without wanting it.

The simplest way to prevent Quick Note from opening when you move the cursor across the bottom right of the screen is to either disable this feature or launch it from the other side of the screen.

Quick Notes launches through the feature "Hot Corners" to macOS. This is not new, but until macOS Monterey, Apple he hadn't added any applications to launch when the cursor passed through a corner of the display.

How to disable Quick Note in the lower right corner on macOS Monterey?

1. We go to the customization settings of "Hot Corners". Go to “System Preferences” → “Desktop & Screen Saver” → the “Screen Saver” tab, then click on the “Hot Corners…” button.

Hot Corners in macOS Monterey

2. For the lower right corner, instead of “Quick Note”We will select“ - ”to cancel any action when passing the cursor through that area.

Disable Quick Note

3. Click "OK" to save the changes.

If we still want to keep this shortcut for Quick Note or for other action supported by Hot Corners, we can choose to its action takes place when hovering the cursor combined with the pressing of a key. Command, Alt, Options, Shift…

Thus we can choose that the Quick Note application does not open when we move the cursor through the lower right corner of the screen, unless at the same time we hold down the Command key.

How to add a shortcut key or key combination for Hot Corners

To do this, we also go to "Hot Corners", and when we open the stock selection list we press the key we want in combination for Active Screen Corners. "Command" in our example below.

Active Screen Corners - Shortcut Key

We can also choose combinations of two or three keys that are pressed to work as a shortcut for "Hot Corners".

A very important detail. The selected shortcut key must also be pressed held down on it before reaching the active corner of the screen with the cursor.

Disable Quick Note from right bottom corner in macOS Monterey [Hot Corners Tips]

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