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Fix “Unable to read the Windows partition ”- Remove and combine Windows Partition

How do we delete Windows on Mac and how to resolve the error “Unable to read the Windows partition ”appeared when deleting the partition on which it is installed Windows 11 Boot Camp.

An error I encountered when I tried to delete the dedicated partition Windows 11, on a MacBook Pro.

"Unable to read the Windows partition", And it is still said that most likely Boot Camp Assistant cannot delete this partition because BitLocker is enabled on Windows 11.

Error delete partition

I restarted Mac and I went into Windows 11 to see if it really is, even though I knew I didn't have BitLocker enabled. Especially since I'm installed Windows for tests only.
Apparently Windows 11 has some protection for which Boot Camp has not yet been updated. Not to mention BitLocker enabled.

To delete the Boot Camp partition a Windows I resorted to the other method.

How to delete the Boot Camp partition a Windows 11 if we have the error: “Unable to read the Windows score ”

1. Go to "Application" on macOS and we open "disk Utility"

2. Select the “BOOTCAMP” or “Windows”(Depinas it is called to you), then go to the options bar and click on "Erase".

3. We choose to format the partition. exFAT, FAT32 or NTFS if you have Tuxera. I chose NTFS.

After formatting we return to Boot Camp Assistant and resume the partition deletion process Windows 11. At the end of the process the space on the Boot Camp partition will be combined with that of "disk1" (or primary volume).


There is also the possibility that the error occurred due to the utility NTFS tuxera for macOS. I also encountered anomalies when formatting the partition during installation Windows 10 with Boot Camp. Leave comments if I can help you with anything.

Fix “Unable to read the Windows partition ”- Remove and combine Windows Partition

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