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iCloud+ yes iCloud Mail - Private Relay, Hide my Email and Custom Email Domain

At the WWDC 2021 event, Apple announced the future iCloud+ dedicated to all subscribers (subscribers with paid subscription), without additional costs. iCloud+ is if you want a version with more options of the current service iCloud. The most important features of iCloud+ mainly related to the security and confidentiality of the email service: Private Relay, Hide my email si Custom Email Domain.

iCloud Private Relay

It is certainly the most important feature of iCloud+.
iCloud Private Relay has the role of protecting / hiding the real IP address of the user when browsing the Internet with Safari, from macOS, iPadOS or iOS 15.
When accessing a web page, DNSand our IP address can be seen both by the ISP (our internet provider) and by the administrator of the visited website. This information will establish a user's profile and the information is most often used for marketing purposes.
With Private Relay enabled, no one will be able to see which web pages we are accessing and who we are. neither macar Apple, as they say.

iCloud Private Relay
iCloud Private Relay

How it works iCloud Private Relay

The function is very similar to VPN (Virtual Private Network) services, only that the user's requests are transmitted encrypted and secured through two relays. The first relay is operated by Apple, and like the internet operator, it can see the user's real IP address. The DNS records of the web page request are encrypted here, so that no one can see what we want to access.
The second relay, which is operated by a third-party content provider, generates a temporary IP address, decrypts the name of the requested site, and connects the user to it.

All these processes comply with the latest standards in the Internet field, ensuring performance, a good browsing experience and especially Privacy.

Hide My Email

Another novelty introduced by Apple at WWDC 2021, which comes to protect users' real email addresses.
With Hide My Email, every user of iCloud + can create unique email addresses associated with the actual email address. These addresses can be used on websites or in applications, where the real address is good to be protected. Basically these randomly generated addresses are a mask of the real email address and will redirect all messages to it.
Users can turn on and off message forwarding for each masked address at any time, or delete it altogether. But be careful, if you register on an online store or in an application, it is advisable not to delete the mask address. It will be used for password recovery and other operations on the respective store or application.

Hide My Email
Hide My Email

Custom Email Domain

A feature that allows us to host our own domain name in the service iCloud Mail. Specifically, it is an email hosting provided by Apple users iCloud+.
iCloud Mail thus becomes an email hosting service, in which users can use their own domain names.

This service is currently in the Beta development stage and I do not recommend it to be used for areas where you receive important correspondence.

iCloud+ yes iCloud Mail - Private Relay, Hide my Email and Custom Email Domain

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