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iOS 13.5 Beta 2 - Face ID for COVID-19 Respiratory Protection Mask and Exposure Notification

Apple recently released a beta update for iOS 13.5, which we could rather call "pandemic iOS updateInstead of the "iOS 13.5 Public Beta 2" version.

The new iOS version includes the first version of the API developed in partnership with Google, in which confirmed contacts with COVID-19 are tracked, and those with whom they have been in contact in the last 14 days will be notified about this. An API for which the two CEOs from Apple and Google have agreed to develop and implement it on both iOS 13 and Android 11.
The API will be available starting today, May 1, 2020, and for government institutions whose developers will be able to come up with new ideas for improvement and will be able to develop population alerting applications.
Settings for COVID-19 Exposure Notifications are available in Settings > Privacy> Health> COVID-19 Exposure Notifications.

Another novelty of iOS 13.5 is related to facial identification. Face ID is a measure of biometric security very strong, but during this period many people wear it respiratory protection mask on face. release iPhone or making payments through Apple Pay can't be done anymore Face ID if at that moment we were wearing a mask.
Apple has modified this technology a little, and if at the time of unlocking we have the mask on the face, instead of Face ID the screen will be activated automatically in which to enter the unlock password / PIN of iPhone.

Unlocking will be done automatically with Face ID when we are not wearing a respirator.

iOS 13.5 Public Beta 2 is available for all users who have the devices iPhone or iPad enrolled in Apple Beta Software Program.
Soon, this update will be received by all device owners iPhone compatible with iOS 13.

iOS 13.5 Beta 2 - Face ID for COVID-19 Respiratory Protection Mask and Exposure Notification

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